Ultra SF4 Arcades in California


Is there any places in california that are getting ultra sf4 arcade? i remember a few places did when AE came out, thanks


Apparently Japan refuse to give USF4 Arcade right now.
ArcadeStreet ( the arcade in Paris ) tried to contact them for it and they said no. :confused:


Oh damn, thanks for the info…


Also they’re required to connect to NESICA, which is an arcade network that only exists in Japan.

Basically they hate the arcade scene except for when it’s in their hometown.


I didn’t know US had any arcades running real SF arcade machines. I thought they were just running modded 360s in arcade cabs.


Nope, they have actual arcade hardware. $16k for the original SF4 cab. ONE of them. Multiple more for additional cabs, and you can see why it’s so rare to actually find a legit arcade cab. But yes, modding consoles to work in arcade cabs is a popular, bootleg route, but also illegal for arcade operators. So roll your dice and take your chances.



Are the setups at Ultra Arcade (and the soon-to-be refurbished Super Arcade), with those custom ‘bring your own stick’ cabs, legal?

I’m not from the US, so I don’t really know. Just interested.


I don’t know what Ultra Arcade is. The current setup at Super Arcade is a legit AE2012 cab, H2H. But with Ultra SF4 cab being on a new system requiring a connection to NESICA, nobody in the US is going to get it. They’re not even going to attempt to sell it to the USA. Pretty bullshit if you ask me, but whatever.


They have these type of machines in 4-5 locations in the Los Angeles Area. They are identical to the machines in Japanese arcades but they are not connect to the NESICA network or BP card system

Here is a set of four machines linked together at Round 1 in City of Industry (Los Angeles, CA)


Those cabs are nice to play on from an arcade experience. I just wish the sticks weren’t so damn loose. They’re ALL super loose, and I tend to overshoot my motions all the time on those things. Very frustrating.