Ultra SF4 Cammy combo damage



So I just did some calculations on combo damage for cammy in USF4. Let me know what you guys think and if EX RFA will help cammy a lot as she gets good damage now from footsies.

Cr.hp , cr.mk xx HK SA = 241 dmg
Cl.hp , cr.mp xx HK SA = 241 dmg
Cl.hp , st.hp xx HK SA = 256 or 246 (depends which frame you hit far st.hp) dmg
St.hp , cr.hp , cr.mk xx HK SA = 296 dmg
St.mp , cr.hp , cr.mk xx HK SA = 286 dmg
St.mp , cr.mp , cr.mk xx HK SA = 271 dmg

in footsies with three bars,

Cr.mk xx HK SA(first hit) xx EX RFA , U1 = 408 dmg
maybe would be more damaging to do MK SA in this case.

I think cammy got nerfed damage and such but buffed from EX RFA combos.
slight damage nerfs but better divekick. Easy way to land ultra in footsies
New hooligan gimmicks.

What does everyone think of ultra cammy?


I kinda like USF4 Cammy for various reasons. She will be probably a bit worse but I am still fine with her.

  • Hooligan divekick covers delayed wakeup vs most characters after backthrow. If we can’t crossup strike with it then we can at least get a safestrike so I am fine with delayed wakeup + you can react to delayed wakeup with normal divekick setups.

  • Spiral Arrow “vortex” is the same. The additional 2 recovery frames to normal dives are not really that bad, we just need be on point. Again fine with that.

  • Overall damage nerf is good too because if we want some good damage or vortex we have to use the proper combos now, which means no autopilot punishes (unless you want to waste damage/vortex), maybe more combo variety. I am still mad though, that they removed 1 frame of hitstun off cr.HP. Purpose is that we can’t combo into ultra on counterhit anymore but we also lost a shitton of far.MP combos (Dudley, Abel, Deejay, Gief) and cr.HP far.HP combos on characters where right now it’s a 1 frame link (e.g. Sagat) or the sako combo against Cammy herself.

  • Red focus is good too, maybe we can start using focus resets now. Maybe theres new tech, new flashy combos. Cool stuff.

  • The new divekick is going to be pretty okish in the neutralgame for probably 2 reasons. It will be easier to bait out DP’s and it will be also a bit easier to get over fireballs. I like that.

I think she will be well rounded with maybe some flaws here and there. Kinda like AE yun to AE 2012 yun.


I agree. Easier to get over fireballs because of the lower height restriction? I wonder if the lower height will make up for the 2 frames more of recovery.


I think red focus will give new combo potential. Been trying some things in training. I don’t have USFIV, so I don’t know if this will be accurate. Still, it’s nice to figure stuff out. Here are the combo’s.

BTW, RFA1 = Red Focus Attack level 1.

  • st. cl. mp x RFA ; Ultra 1
  • cr. lp ; st. cl. mp x FRA1; Ultra 1 (two cr. lp and Cammy gets too far away for a cl. mp)
  • st. lp ; st. cl. mp x FRA1; Ultra 1 (only on standing opponents)
  • cr. HP ; st. far HP x HK SA x RFA1 ; Ultra1 - BTW, cr. HP to st. HP is now a 1 frame link ;-(
  • hooligan x (ex) cannon strike cr. lp ; st. cl mp x RFA1 ; Ultra1 (cannon strike probably needs to be close for this one to work)
  • (EX) SBF x RFA1 ; Ultra1

cr. lp ; cr. lp ; cr. mp x HK SA x RFA1 ; Ultra1 doesn’t work because the SA has too much pushback. In AE 2012 at least. It might work in Ultra. Don’t know though.

That’s about all I got for now. Gotta hit the lab again. Thoughts?


Yeah the fact that cr.hp is only +6 on hit kind of sucks now… couldn’t they just have made it only +2 on counter hit? oh well. What will be the go to max damage punish that works on every character? I know
clst.hp , st.hp xx hk sa doesn’t work on everyone. Now that cr.hp = cl.hp in terms of damage not sure which combo is best.

Is cl.hp , cr.mp xx hk sa a universal combo?

Nerfherder those sound like they could be of use to land animation ultra. Good stuff.


Red Focus Attack level 1 leads to a crumple. So yes. All these combos lead to full animation ultra 1.

I got inspired by this news and video:

The Cammy RFA1 combo begins at 1:30.


If you want okizeme then start using cl.HP, far.HP xx HK arrow. It should do around 7 more damage than cr.HP, cr.MK xx HK Arrow.

I also always considered cl.HP, cr.MP a lazy combo. You waste damage and in most cases okizeme and depending on the situation it might not even work at all (Sagat, Makoto, Juri, sometimes Gouken to name a few).
Pretty situational. Depending on your hitstun animation it might whiff/gets blocked against others.

cr.HP/cl.HP into far.HP is going to be the universal punisher. You get okizeme and a bit more damage than usual.

After EX dives it’s obviously the sako combo or variations of it (cl.MP/cl.HP, cr.MP cr.MK or cl.MP, cr.HP, cr.MK xx MK/HK Arrow).

These combos are also a waste. Why would you waste so many bars to cancel into Ultra of a single normal ? Because it would kill ? Why not use more damaging normals into spiral arrow and then RFA.
You also can’t cancel hooligan into ex dive anymore.

Instead of going into ultra I would rather use a divekick resets like these



I never had the intention of saying the new combos were good or bad. I was simply mentioning that they are possible. And I also disagree that it’s better to go for a reset. Sometimes a reset is good. Maybe most times. But not always. A combo is garanteed damage. If it kills, especially in the last round, go for the combo that kills.

And for me personally there is another reason. A simple one: execution. My execution sucks. And having an easier option is always better to me than a harder one.

And let’s not forget: even if you don’t use all of the options, it’s always good to know what is possible.


Okay so cl.hp, st.hp xx hk sa works on every character? Alright training mode it is and at least it can be plinked. Its just kind of weird that cr.hp and cl.hp will do the same damage and frame advantage in ultra -_-


No. It also only works on some characters if they are standing or crouching.


The only characters on top of my head where cl.HP, far.HP doesn’t work is Sagat, Gen, Rose, Cammy and Juri
On Sagat and Gen though you can use cr.HP, far.HP. Against Cammy are other combos such as the Sako combo and cl.MP cr.MP cr.MK (crouching) and Rose is meh.
Vs Juri you can just do cl.HP, cr.MK and if she is crouching you can use cl.MP, cr.MP cr.MK, cl.HP cr.MP cr.MK or cl.HP, far.HP xx HK Arrow.

Otherwise it works on the rest of the cast if they’re standing but only on a handful of characters if they’re crouching (e.g. Guy, Sakura, Gief)


Also take into account, that people don’t use DWU and call it useless. I’m not a Cammy main, I’ve been hopping around secondaries for about a year cause I’m indecisive and Bison is Bison. I ran a train on about 10 people and I didn’t do anything special. It’s gonna be the same thing. Don’t use your brain and complain that Cammy is broken.


lol cammy can play pretty good footsies too you know. I always play footsies to get that initial knockdown and then play relentless when I knock them down. I try to mix it up with the oki also and not go “autopilot”. Makes it harder for your opponent to get out of it. Its so fun getting that quadruple perfect.


Then you’re a scrub. Cammy is a divekick until it works character… Lol j/k, that’s Rufus.


POOR CAMMY, she’s gonna be worse than she ALREADY is. I’m sure you will be FINE WITH HER USF4 version.


I just realized what I actually wrote haha. Well sorry :d


can someone tell me why the original sako combo (cl.MP, cr.HP, cr.MK) link won’t work anymore?
frame data suggest that its just going to be an 1-frame link all the way around, so why everyone is saying its gone?!?

either way in preparation of USF4 I already stoppped doing the optimal sako combo (cl.MP, cr.HP, far.MP) and other variations of it


Where did you hear that link won’t work anymore?


Yeah you can still do this combo. Only far.mp is gone.


cl.hp , cr.mp xx hk sa and cr.hp , cr.mk xx hk sa do the same damage now (241) but the latter is a one frame link… anyone know which characters this combo (cl.hp , cr.mp xx hk sa) works on as far as two hit SA hitting?