Ultra SF4 Character Tier Speculation Thread


With the known balance changes, who will come out on top?


14 days ago




MaxGrit is rapidly becoming one of my favorite posters.




I’ve glimpsed the future and behold, it’s still going to be cammy and akuma




Current USF4 Tier list

S- Everyone who isn’t Fei Long.
F- Fei-long




This is dumb. You can’t make a tier list without months/years of play (even for an update).


You’re such a stick in the mud


Valid point or not I think it is even MORE important that you at least know… what characters are in the game. We don’t even have THAT information settled yet.


All you have to do is wait for Evo, then automatically everyone will know exactly who is S++++++whatever tier…
You know, like Akuma last year, and now Gen.


I aim to please.

Besides, this is SRK, most of you should know that real tier lists take months of work.


I think Gen will actually move up quite a bit, if he gets a few buffs. I mean he is (apparently) also considered a top 15 character after Xian made some good showing at recent tourneys.


I predict Akuma/Cammy back on top as well… but I was about to say how is their a tier list before the game is even released.


If Hugo is anything above bottom five I will be quite surprised.

I’ll play him anyway though.


ken masters.
you saw that infiltration vid?




Broken airplane wing is obviously going to be S tier.