Ultra SF4 Japanese National Tournament Details?


First up, this is in relation to the article on the frontpage: http://shoryuken.com/2014/04/16/first-ultra-street-fighter-iv-japanese-national-tournament-announced/

Does anyone know any more details of this event? Date/Location/etc . I can’t speak Japanese so I can’t understand anything in the video.


I don’t know anything about it either but I think the singles of that Grade A event should definitely be a Premiere tournament for the Capcom Pro Tour. Their should be tons of killers participating in a country with arguably the best overall players in this game.


There is a JPY1M prize for singles and 3v3… should be some good players there.


I can’t find the info on the NESiCA site. Hope I can check out the Osaka qualifiers if I haven’t already missed it.


Stay free Japan, that’s all the details you need to know.