Ultra SF4 matchup improvements



After seeing sagats changes (almost all buffs) what matchups do you think have improved?

I’m thinking Akuma, Ibuki, Sakura, C.viper and seth got a lot easier with DWU.
Cammy got a lot easier because of the nerf bat

However due to character design I think Sim, Adon, Fei, Abel, Dudley will still be difficult
Juri got harder from the buffs



Pretty much this. Dudley especially probably got way harder. Ken as well.


You can add Juri, Evil Ryu and Oni who will body Sagat.


c.viper will be just as hard. She uses the new system mechanics well and she gets a lot off of soft knockdowns compared to gouki/ibuki/sakura.


This is true. I also saw that ibuki OS for DWU… UGH! Still going to be a terrible match up.


Well now … -8 or -9 low tshot on block. Fuck you very much capcom. They have absolutely no clue on the character. I’m done .


Yeah not really sure why they are doing that … pretty weird if you ask me. Its already minus 7 yes?


Ugh it can already be ultra’d on block by some characters unless its max range block string. Codys u2 for example but I dont think cody players know that. Now spacing wont need to be a factor


So if this nerf sticks, what are our options? Have to use s.LK both hits, or can we sub a LK/MK TK for the TS?


As someone who picked up Sagat 3 weeks ago, I’m kinda put off now… Originally picked him up to counter pick/go even with Guile, but I wanna use him outside of one matchup.

Maybe I should go with someone like Dee Jay and hope he’s a dark course. Or Juri/Guy/Chun. >.>


Options are pick another character. The way this so called balance has gone i cbf with sagat anymore… He’s become boring and frustrating to use for me.


Fei and Adon are debatable for me, but then I play Fei and don’t find he’s as bad as any of the other bad ones.

Gouken could possibly turn bad and Guile. Gouken is flying under the radar. Might even be worth picking as an alternate to Sagat for zoning now that he has a legit reversal and better access to his damage.

If they make the Low Tiger Shot more disadvantage I’m out as well, been pushing shit up hill with this character for too long. I wanna enjoy the game not be thinking about every fucking tiny detail whilst half the cast just run auto pilot.


Yeah wth is the logic behind that nerf. Its already minus are they just trying to make it brainless to punish? Stupid lol


Sagat going to be Dhalsim tier.

Time for some Juri action, maybe Chun too in case I’m disappointed with Sagat, been running sets with him all the time. Bored of Ken. I would consider Gouken but he just doesn’t fit my style, and I dislike his wakeup game. A lot of characters have to block on wakeup, but Gouken is like 1 wrong guess = GG.


Whoa, are you guys sure Sagat’s situation is going to turn out that bad? I picked up Sagat about a year ago, and I’m just starting to get comfy with him (don’t take that out of context).


I just read that they increased tiger shot recovery by 3 frames.


Sagats changes seem fine to me. High shot has 3f more recovery. Was too godlike for kara dp. Will still be good. Delayed wake up is his main buff. Im happy they didnt nerf low shot recovery on block like mentioned before


Yes I don’t think it’ll be that bad. We can still win the fireball war, since most other fireball characters recover at 45 frames if I recall. Gouken is probably gonna really hard now though.

We will have to be a bit more careful with fireballs, but I wonder whether the tiger kick and s.lk changes will make up for that. People are gonna keep on jumping at us, baiting and mixing fireballs even more important now. Still solid, but nowhere near S tier now.


Lol when trolls cant troll… lol anyways please give generously https://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/capcom-save-sagat


That tigershot nerf is so bad, people don’t even realize.