ULTRA SF4 menu musics and title for PC AE2014 (Steam version) [MOD]


Hi, I was searching for mods that could make AE match USF4 new aesthetics and music but couldn’t find anything, so I decided to make them myself.

So far the only visual change made is the new title screen… i’ve found that there’s already the new Ultra title screen inside the installation files, but I just wanted it to look a little better with that awesome artwork of ryu from the supposed cover of retail discs (I’ve also included the official one if you want that).

I’ve created a new bcm file that integrates both theme A and B of the main menu using the tracks found in the web.
Same thing for title announcer and character select screens where both VS and Arcade variations (depending on the mode played) have now the updated music themes.

But as far as I can’t find a good image source for re-make the new menu screens I think I’m stuck like this for a while…

Download link with instructions for installation: https://mega.co.nz/#!pQ9QACJa!9AE6iToooLTPO6mD20gC3dJNbQZWWW2qsgnTC4kSK80

Preview video

In this video you can see the official ultra logo and the leftovers of the new char select grid that you can find inside your installation folder by capcom

Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread

hehe nice find man, i was going to do it but got lazzy, you can also find the new announcer commentary in some bcm files, and the wining announcement for the 5 new chars like " elena wins, poison wins ect …"


wow… it’s terrible. I still like the vanilla version the most.