ULTRA SF4 OPEN LOBBY @ twitch.tv/catnip_her0


Catnip streams a whole lot of fgc content, and ultra for xbox is streaming right now…we’d like to see some good players come and join in the lobby… and can bs in the chat as well… all are welcome





bump got people in the lobby leetsss gooo


bump try it out guys, follow the channel


Please don’t bump up your own threads in such a fashion. If people want to discuss what you have to say, it will be bumped up automatically. If people don’t, the thread probably isn’t worth bumping.



Ok, sorry I’m new here and trying to help my boys stream… apologies… we got ppl in the lobby now if anyones interested… sry for the inconvenience @Trouble Brewing


Damn mod. If you didn’t post, this would have been a one man thread.