Ultra SF4 Set up Thread: Now with 50% more DWU!

Hey guys as part of the forum clean up I thought it would be fitting to start a new set up thread since the old one while not irrelevant, has information that will need to be updated in USF4. So instead of trying to post information to the old thread, we should start keeping the new information in a separate thread.

The old threads can still be found here:

The older ones will be unsticked.

I’ll be posting things that I find as I find them. I’ll also be trying to add set ups as they are found.

Reserved Space #1

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We ain’t unblockable no more y’all :frowning:

Thankfully the set ups remain unchanged if they don’t dwu. Saw Gam say we got a hurtbox nerf on df dive but I’ve yet to see or feel this, so I’m going keep doing my thing.

Honestly at this point I’m essentially just predicting if they use it and slightly delaying my timing if I’m right. If I’m not, I might just throw a fireball for chip or go in cautiously with some block pressure or a throw.

The post u2 “vortex” is going to be more valuable than ever because it’s one of the rare times we won’t have to worry about dwu at all. As of right now after that I do st.hk then hard df into dive kick or palm for cross up. What are you guys doing?

Tonight I found some anti-dwu tech you’re really going to enjoy. So for those of you who may of seen what I wrote in another thread I said that when I do a normal safejump with palm and see technical I’ll divekick as an emergency in hopes of it connecting so I may maintain pressure. Well tonight I found out that you can indeed react to technical with divekick and it can actually be a true safejump.

I have a proof of concept with forward throw dashx2 against vipers hp thunder knuckle (since this a frame perfect setup, I wanted something easy to test) and low and behold it works. As well as being able to do this against Fei off a sweep.

To even further alleviate your dwu worries I’ve also discovered command divekick can be used in the same exact same manner. Sure we may not have mixups off it but let’s just worry about getting in safe first.

Tl;dr god bless the divekick.

Also after demonflip throw you can whiff a far rh followed by lk demonflip palm for a 5 frame safejump.

Also I was having pretty consistent success landing the post demonflip grab unblockable on juri by hitting jab immediately after the dash. Good job Capcom you gave us a shitty mechanic for nothing.

Exciting news. So the set up right now is double dash df palm and if we see technical, command dive kick?

What is the df throw unblockable on Juri? Im late to the party.

I predeicted in the Capcom Unity threads that unblockables wouldn’t go anywhere mainly because Capcom is too lazy to put the work in to do the job right.

they never said DWU would fix unblockables. And they effectively removed the fate of being stuck with it. Now you have a new tool to avoid it. The only real pervert effect is if you have a matchup with : from the same UKD an unblockable for regular WU, and safe jump for DWU. There will be a mind game where you’ll be forced to use DWU more and then being predictable. But you still can counter read and regular wake up. In the long run you lose that game, but still better than before.


DF throw - dash forward - EX DF Kick

Thanks breh. Does this work on anyone else? I was wondering why I’d see tokido use ex df kick sometimes. Thought he was just going for extra ambiguity at the cost of bar.

it’s a cross up after df throw c.mp
One of the few DFK that cross up.

yeah it crosses up on a few chars, viper i remember is one of them if done perfectly

I believe one of the other members here mentioned how he actually asked Combofiend if dwu was put in the game because they couldn’t solve the unblockable problem and he said yes. It’s floating around the Ultra Discussion thread in the general usf4 section.

That’s just an example. After the AE throw nerf we could only safejump 7 frame reversals and cammys 5 frame reversal due to her extra wakeup frames after dashx2.

Has anyone found a set up after lp-cl hp ex ball?

Ex shakunetsu

Ok so anti-poison safe jump.

After Tatsu > Sweep

Normal Wake up: Jump > d.MK Dive kick

Against DWU: c.LP > Jump > d.MK Dive kick

Easy as hell. Though Super does seem to beat it however.

How are you approaching her after throw?

Cool. This is a read / guess right though right?

What do you do if you guess DWU, do the crouching lp, then see the technical sign? Because I’m assuming you won’t see/rect to it and then do the crouching lp?

I dont know if this has been discovered yet, but heres some inputs for a nasty reset setup i came up with (i cant take a video, maybe someone else can? Gimme a shout out? :slight_smile: )

close st.hp, lk tatsu, close st.hp (reset) lk demon flip ex air fireball

right after you land, you do a hk demon flip. palm crosses up, dive kick doesnt if theyre blocking high (havent tested low blocking yet, will do tomorrow when I have more time)

the ex fireball places them in a good position for us and keeps them blocking.

if you want to try it, you can rfc into demon on a cross up

I only tested it on sagat so far but so far it seems pretty good.

Shotos can just autocorrect DP the demonflip follow up post block on the airball. If they read the setup they can also just exdp out. Doesn’t seem strong against good reversals.

Sounds not bad, but I wouldn’t expect to open someone with such setup. Easy to read on reaction and just block imo. The mix up isn’t ambiguous enough for that. Might be some work to do to find a way to get a DF throw at the end of fireball stun though.