Ultra SF4 Set up Thread: Now with 50% more DWU!

The way I was doing it, it would be very difficult to tell if youre getting crossed up. Later on tonight I’m gonna set up a recording of akuma doing this and I’m gonna test escape options. I might be able to get s video depends on how I can position my phone while playing.

Good job man, keep em coming! I’ll definitely try this tonight.

Actually, I may have jumped the gun on that one. I really didnt have the time to test it properly, and I dont think its particularly useful. If they crouch the fireballs whiff and you’re exposed. Im sure theres something crazy that can be found from the reset but ill have to play around more.

I observed Tokido’s set-ups and I suggest people test this out

cr.HK, Demon Flip - dive kick, cr.MP, cl.st.MK xx LK Tatsu etc…
• Tokido also used cr.LP instead of cr.MP on the DWU at one point in the video as well
• After cr.HK goes instantly into (LK?MK?) Demon Flip and cancels out with the dive kick after DWU on Evil Ryu in the corner. The dive kick whiffs (probably because it was delayed wake-up) and Tokido counter-hits with cr.MP, cl.st.MK xx LK Tatsu, EX Goshoryuken
• Tokido lands another cr.HK and does the instant Demon Flip - dive kick, Evil Ryu uses DWU and the dive kick whiffs BUT Evil Ryu wasn’t in the corner this time and it may have been a different strength demon flip so Akuma crosses over to the other side. Immediately cr.MP into the combo

Forward throw, neutral jump and throw LP fireball halfway down, HP Shakunetsu Hadoken
• In the video there wasn’t a DWU for this but he does the same thing to Gen when he uses DWU

Tokido uses cr.HK, Demon Flip - dive kick, cr.MP, BUT the cr.MP whiffs when Fei Long backdashes on DWU
• When Tokido used the Flip a bit late, instead of cr.MP he did cr.LP

cr.LP -> cr.LP, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, far.st.HP (reset) straight into Demon Flip - dive kick
• Gets DP’ed and spectators said it was “wrong” demon flip (probably strength of it?)

I really like the neutral jump fireball setup after the forward throw in the corner. In AE I would usually do forward dash x2 into j.lk for fake cross ups after a forward throw in the corner, but DWU screws that up a lot and puts me in the corner, which is a shitty place to be as Akuma.

After the nj.FB, you can use EX.Shakunetsu instead of the HP one to be +12 on block (whereas the HP leaves you at -1), letting you do HPxxDF for a mixup (DF throw gives you another nj.FB setup), or HPxxEX.Shaku again as long as you have meter (HPxxEX.Shakunetsu x4>HPxxHK.Tatsu>HP.Shoryu is mad chip) for situations where you can chip people out. You can also just do a forward jump into cross up/fake cross up after the EX.Shakunetsu.

It’s just super useful for corner pressure in a lot of situations.

Am I just messing it up or does the “slight walk forward j.mk” safe jump not work on her after tatsu sweep?

I just started playing Ultra. Trying to figure out how to ‘react’ to DWU. Is that even possible? I find that for almost all of the setups you are already in the air or doing something before the technical sign shows up. I guess the only option is to use setups that work against both?

You’re spot on about using a setup that covers both.

Fwd Throw in corner > NJ Apex LP air fireball covers both wakeups.

The only knockdown where you can react to the technical message is Akuma’s U1 and Super. During his pose, the technical message can be easily seen.

If palm wasn’t that shitty hitbox unable to consistently hit meaty and low enough, we could’ve found some palm/kick variations off the same DF to at least safe jump or stuff some reversals.

I was trying to meaty palm Guy. Guess what, if he wake up neutral or stand or pushing buttons, scrore. If wake up cr. block, whiff…

So I’m in the process of discovering some new tech. After landing a sweep If you read your opponents DWU you can whiff a cr.mp followed by an immediate jump forward for a potentially four frame safejump. I’ve confirmed this works, and is a true meaty jump-in, on Decapre as well as Poisons 4 frame ex kissed by a goddess and Guiles flashkicks.

Edit: Blocks yuns ex upkicks too.
Input is also welcomed.

Definitely a good setup. Once someone start to use a particular wake up they usually suck at mixing it up.
And you can still meaty then on the ground if they don’t DWU.

The only problem is it’s not frame perfect. On four framers you get stuck between too early and too late. Better off whiffing a stand jab then go into a demon flip.

Besides that I put in a good deal of time to find other anti dwu setups. From sweep setups on cammy and sagat, forward throw setups on most of the cast, and demonflip throw/palm setups. The potential is there to have a strong oki game we just have to look for it, again… For like the 4th time this series. If Alex Myers is finding sakura dwu unblockables then there’s no reason we can’t either.

The problem I have is the uncertainty and ‘delay’ in reading a DWU notification. Once it displays, I then (personally) have a variation in how much I hesitate which completely kills any chance of applying anything measured.

Instead I’ve started doing a bunch of fake-out crap with interesting results while at the same time still employing on/off our old setups as DWU isn’t used all the time. I’ve definitely started changing style with Akuma however and instead started adapting to a game where measured setups aren’t as rock solid as they once were, therefore cannot be depended upon. UTK setups are as strong as they are a liability in this game due to DWU. Kinda sucks, but we knew this was coming.

I also feel fs.hp needs a little bit more range. A poke it aint.

This is why I consider cr.mp a read and something you have to commit to, because you will never be able to have a dependable setup to reacting to technical. Set play is gone, we know this, but the point of using a whiffed normal or whatever isn’t to bring it back but tip the scale in our favor. Right now it’s “ok they delayed wakeup, I’ll do this and hope it gets me in safely”. I came up with this as a means to allow you to get in safely and provide more options.

So I’ve been thinking about DWU and it looks like standing light punch is 10 frames so if we can kill 1 frame wouldn’t our current setups still work? Of course we’d still need to do it on reaction to to the technical display…

Also, does anyone know how many frames it takes to go from standing to crouch and vice versa? Just trying to think of reliable ways to waste frames, like off a sweep you could stand crouch stand DFK.

lp is 11fr. And stance change is instant. Good luck reacting post sweep to a DWU :slight_smile:

Sorry, meant to say far st.lp. I saw a video of tokido do forward throw, dash, st.lp, HK DFK on a Ken and stuffed the reversal which got me thinking. I certainly couldn’t react to technicals so it looks like it comes down to figuring out your opponents habits but it’s still a guessing game.

doable from f.throw, but from sweep it’s kinda impossible, at least before the jump.

Found a brain dead DWU safejump setup after U2. Hold uf, do an air tatsu as you’re about to hit the ground, j.f mk/hk. I tested it on Fei and Dan and I can confirm its legitimate and frame perfect on them.
You can also do the tatsu earlier in the descent and setup a cross up.

Anyone do this reset after L.Tatsu or cross-up Tatsu, S.HP > H.Shaku(reset) FADC (jump cross-up tatsu or empty low). I was abusing this a lot, if you read a Shoryuken do tatsu, if not go low. You can mix it up a lot too(wiff cross up Tatsu > low, Grab, J.attack, Overhead and even DF). I was doing this since I saw S.HP buff. After Tatsu you can do it again or anything really. Covers all escape options ; watch for forward TP’s you can walk up sweep if you see it before committing to something(not everyone can TP).

That’s two meters for 400-500 damage ; if your mix-up is successful(It’s a gamble) and you get a setup after the soft knockdown(quick stand or not you get one). Do not sweep if you cross-up tatsu you’re almost guaranteed a mix-up on a soft knockdown, so just LP.DP or go for another reset/ mix-up.

You get a big window open for some wake-up pressure if they decide to take the red fireball or get hit from trying to escape ; after FADC S.LP > DF.Blank or dash again cross up air.fireball(They usually get hit from trying to back dash or trying to jump). Cross up Air.Fireball is for mid screen.

I think Ultra Akuma will rely more on resets, since he has more options for that now.

EDIT- OK this one is only one bar, after cross-up Tatsu > S.HP or cr.mk L.DF-air.fireball Instant DF.Blank ; Covers all but forward TP. Try this setup Necro, I think fixed yours ; HP > L.Tatsu > CR.MK(reset) >Instant L.DF-Air.fireball then instant DF(You’re at a hard to punish distance). They back dash you get sweep or FS.HP > BnB.

I think meter for pressure is worth it too.