Ultra SFIV - Change wishlist for Abel?



IF (big if) there is one, what would you like to see?

I’d like more invincibility on his rolls, and for step kick < cl.hp to work on all crouching opponents. After that I’m good. Maybe his CrF to be a little quicker, but I think Abel is a pretty even match for most characters (except for the ninja who shall not be named, and despite his iffy wake up game).

WARNING: Newbie thread alert. Let the hatred commence!

Cammy should be ranked #1 character in street fighter, this is why

I think invincibility on his rolls will accentuate his vortex and derp even more, I would rather have something else.This is what I think:

  • Falling Sky: reduce the start up with 1 frame (4-5-8-5)
  • C.O.D.: reduce the start up with 1 frame (13-15-16-15)
  • Super: give slightly more range
  • Tornado Throw: +10 damage for each version - 170-190-210-210
  • Ultra 2: reduce the start up with 1 frame
  • Wheel Kick: reduce the start up with 1 frame (19-23-26-16)


By invincibility on Abel’s rolls, I actually meant to say throw invincibility. It’s no where near as powerful as most of the other vortexes. It could help alleviate opponents pressure on his wake up too.

But I wouldn’t say no to any of the above buffs, that’s for sure.


I want abel’s ex wheel kick to INSTANT KILL THE OPPONENT!!!


I understand your buff - it would mean returning the rolls to their Super status. Some people thought Super rolls were a bit…too much :razzy:. Now, I wouldn’t necesarry mind them, but I rather get something else :).


are you fucking kidding me?
Ya his stuff is risky but they are TRUE 50/50s that LEAD INTO THEMSELVES that do 200 damage minimum for each right guess.
If that vortex isn’t good enough for you, then you Sir are KAAkaa Doodoo at this game.

my god
you want to be able to roll back and forth with reckless abandon… knock people down, make them guess and then roll out yourself when YOU have to guess???


how about some reasonable suggestions?

more range on the super is good
more plasma invincibility on the heavy version, cause it sucks donkey nuts
better hit box on low medium kick


I’m surprised noone has said this… but I feel the only buff Abel could really use is to make cl.hp hit all crouching characters so that step kick, cl.hpxCOD works on everyone. I mean, it’s enough trouble that it’s a 1 frame link off a very quick hit confirm, least they could do is make the combo consistent.


I actually meant to include this. It’s a pretty sore point with top level Abel players.


Are you an arse all the time, or just when it comes to Street Fighter?

I’m not asking for his roll to be invincible. I was suggesting a few extra frames of throw invincibility on them.

And seeing as I only took up the game in August, no I’m not shit hot at it. So what?


Abel is pretty cheap
if you want to lessen his weaknesses, it’s only fair you weaken his strength

I wasn’t aware that step kick into command throw was character specific:rofl:


So…any suggestions? Or did you just come in here to troll?


Nuff said


If you’re going to super through a fireball, why wouldn’t you just ultra it? I mean, chances are you’ll have that to blow on a bad fireball rather than super, and reacting to a fireball with super at the range required is kind of hard.

I think a good change would be that step kick forces standing (to facilitate combos) but that’s probably an OP change, and a pipe dream.

Also, I want honda’s hurtbox to be fixed so we can actually combo him from any range instead of fishing for counter hits or a max distance step kick. Probably my least favorite matchup because of that.


make abel’s st short +5 on blk :badboy:


Yeah, key word, chance
What about the **chance **of having super against ryu/sagat with 300 health left?
call me crazy, but this happens

ya hard cause super doesn’t have enough range
and hard cause it doesn’t have enough plasma invincibility

which is the point of the buff???


hmm… what an “energetic” way to introduce yourself to everybody

I think a better “buff” to Abel would be to nerf the top tiers/ others
Specifically Cammy and Sakura
I think their pressure is simply too potent against Abel’s poor wake up/ slow normals


I’m intrigued by your suggestions and I can see the relevance of a single frame reduction in the start up of a few of the specials listed here, but not all
Enlighten me, what would we stand to gain if anything from a wheel kick with a start of a single frame faster than it is now?


I’d love an improvement to Abel’s far :mk:
As it is right now, it comes out in 8 frames, has 3 active, not special cancellable and has a lack luster hitbox making it prone to trading with good timing.

I’d like an improvement frame wise
6 frame start up
4-5 active and an improved hitbox adjustment


Well, I tried to find some buffs for Abel - while I play him, I don’t pretend to be good, so, this is what I thought.
My idea is that all his specials are very slow - so I tried to improve this.

  • Cod - faster start = better in footsies. I originally reduced the start with 2-3 frames - but other people in the official rebalance thread said this would be too much (more combo oportunities - cr lp-cod - too much). So I settled for 1 fr reduction.
  • FS - I think with a faster start would be better for AA (not much better, but still)
  • Wheel kick - it is very slow, so I think anything could help. I don’t want wheel kick to become a spammable move, just to be a little more usefull.
    Btw - I modified a little my wish list - wheel kick has the start up reduced with 2 frames (18-22-25-15). So, it should be noticable.

But I’m interested in what you guys think Abel would benefit. My idea is do not nerf the top tiers, but buff the rest of the cast.

O mk - what would be it’s purpose ? for AA ?