Ultra sometimes seems scaled for no reason



i catch some people in ultra as a reversal to their ultra, or maybe sometimes to punish a jump on the way down, and i can see that the damage is scaled down

im not comboing into the ultra with a dizzy or focus, just straight up ultra. if i ever notice it, its usually when a character has low life, but it seems random, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesnt

whats the deal


personally never noticed this as Elf’s ultra does oodles of damage anyway. you sure you’re not just mixing up level 1 and level 2 ultra?


Damage always gets scaled the more the opponent is down on health. So your ultra will inherently do less damage just because “health scaling” kicks in after a certain point. Like how if you hit someone with a full Ultra when they have full health…it will do more damage than if they only had 65 percent health.

Or it could also be the fact that like said above…Ultras do more damage the more they are charged. Using your Ultra as soon as you are able to use it will net you less damage than charging it up first.


I think you may be mistaking scaling for whom you are doing it on and how full your Ultra Bar is…

50% ~ 99% Ultra bar does the same exact damage, your Ultra Bar has to be full to get the extra damage.