ULTRA ssf4 ryu based on KingBlackToof version



So i am testing KingBlackToof version of ssf4.
I am just going here to share my feeling.

Please understand that those comment are based on KingBlackToof build(1.1) so for sure utra ryu will be different. however some stuff are already interesting.

Let s start with ryu mp change : jump mp is now cancelable into tatsu.

fisrt this change give ryu the opportunity at the cost of 2 ex to deal more damage as AA
shoryu mp fadc jump mp tatsu deals 202 damage( compare to mp shoryu being 130 and deep hp shoryu being 160).
not so big difference but it can be the diference at the end of a round.

the interesting part of the jump mp tatsu cancel is that you can cancel the first hit with tatsu and make the tatsu wiff in air to air situation.
the result of this is that you will touch your oponent in the aire with just the first hit of jump mp. this will allow you once you touch the ground to hit again your opponent with whatever you want( hp shoryu for 210 damage, or a sweep for 140 or another jump into mp cancel tatsu for a 244 damage)

this also allow ryu to push the opponent into the corner. from the center of the training room jump ;p cancel tatsu( whiff) jump mp cancel hk tatsu will put the opponent in the corner.

crouch mk have 1 frame more of block stun. you can feel that as when you do cr mk hado, it can t be focused from the same distance. this help ryu foutsie game, and ryu is based a lot on footsie.
if you had that to the fact that now cr mk can be cancealled faster into an hadoken while walking forward, it really help ryu. ( I think this have more impact than the jump mp cancel…you use it more)

ex shoryu cancel then ultra 2:

this give Ryu a 619 damage combo from a jump in( jump hp st hk ex shoryu fadc ultra 2) and a 543 damage AA( ex shoryu fadc ultra 2)
the cost is 3 meter, but the damage is real. if you consider that red focus is going to make is ex hadoken less useful, ultra 2 might become an interesting choice.

ex shoryu fadc give the opportunity to some nice damage. making ryu super less interesting to use during a combo.
cr hp ex shoryu fadc jump mp tatsu make 396 damage at the cost of 3 ex. cr hp lp shoryu super make 430. 34 damage more at the cost of 1 ex.

my impression is that ryu got some nice new tools and small changes.
the way you play him will not change so much. delay wake up will help him a lot against vortext character, but will also take from him all is jump os set up.
red focus attack might hurt is cr mk hado footsie and is making ex hado less important in his game.

Ryu will still be competitive, but I can see a lot of people moving to ken( faster walk speed and new ultra 1 damage out put just make him so scary)

thanks again to KingBlackToof for his amazing work.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 General

They said that along with the jump strong cancel, the fixed the vacuum of the air ex tatsu. Can you confirm if a2a jump strongxxextatsu is a stronger alternative to dp at quarter meter cost? Since its fixed or better, can we hit high with a jab dp and connect a full ex tatsu?


after lp shoryu you can jump into mp cancel tatsu ex tatsu.
but it s very situational and it s something that will not really happen in a fight.

lp shoryu jump mp ex tatsu does 216 damage with ex tatsu touching 3 times( that the max )
lp shoryu jump mp tatsu hk does 192.

the ex tatsu often touch 1 or 2 time. it s better to use the hk tatsu.
but I repeat that something that will not happen in fight.

after jump mp the best is to do cancel tatsu( wiff) jump mp 1rst hit cancel hk tatsu( touch 2 times . this does 244 damage. but once again it s very situational. jump mp is not a very good tool making it cancealable is nice but it s not gona change the fact that it was not super effective at first.

without ultra a simple AA mp shoryu cancel jump mp tatsu does 202. hp shory does 160 do 2 ex for 40 damage. does not seems really good.
however ex shoryu cancel into jump mp tatsu does : 334. that better and that can make the diference at the end of a round as AA or even as a combo

st hp ex shoryu fadc jump mp tatsu does 406 damage. 3 ex meter
st hp hado fadc down mk shoryu does 330 damage.

ryu seems fun.


here is a small video of some OS to counter delayed wake up after a safe jump with ryu.

I will make some small video of ryu combo.


adding some video of ryu combo and aa option

that just to give you an idea of the possibilities and the damage output


a nice OS for delayed wake up

this os also counter wake up throw with the lp being naturally the perfect timing to counter it.

two other os to counter delayed wake up.

the os jump hk cr mp cr mp cr hk is really good. it allow pressure in case of guard, confirm in combo and counter wake up bake dash, delayed wake up back dash, delayed wake up throw.


Wait, is it confirmed that you get the full animation on Ultra 2 after fadc’ing? I can’t find that anywhere in any of the beta build change logs.


Ultra 2 animation happen only after fadc’ing ex shoryuken’s second hit.

For now Ryu is able to do that, let s see in the final built. It give to Ryu an opportunity in some match up to use U2. That good, because Y2 is kind of useless right now.