Ultra Street Fighter 4 Akuma Change Thread



The first rumors of changes. THESE ARE UNCONFIRMED

  • Increased Recovery on jump back air fireball
  • Can not FADC Shoryuken on second hit
  • Can no longer cancel c.HK into Demon


The nerfs I was honestly expecting him to get were the nerfs he got in SFXT. Basically in SFXT they nerfed defensive/runaway and buffed offense.
I was also guessing any nerfs to vortex and unblockables would be done via system changes. SFXT Akuma(or any version sans ST) is proof that he is still a good character if you leave his toolset alone. I believe any further direct nerfing to him in an attempt to kill vortex/unblockables will result in a worse version of Ryu.

These first two changes in the OP are taken directly from SFXT v2013.

I guess the last change is to make it easier to fish for focus against his sweep. I guess you could just take an extra step forward and use cr.mk xx tatsu/Ultra 1 instead.

I hate the idea of a 4th set of nerfs, but I could live with these changes. It could be worse. Most people want him nerfed into the ground.


SFxT & 2013 nerfs were brutal and Akuma was way too much of a liability in that game.

Teleport became a suicide button, roundhouse became a suicide button because the second hit whiffed the whole cast regardless of correct spacing, air fireballs had a practically non-existent hitbox and had dramatically reduced block and hit stun.

And then there were the system changes which made Akuma weaker (which honestly were enough).

Stuff like Reduced effectiveness of fireball space control due to the entire Tekken cast having very powerful anti-fireball tools, Demon Flip was extremely dangerous to do because if you got hit at any point it was a counter hit and you’d be juggled, combos in general were massively damaging and Akuma would lose nearly 50% to basic hit confirms, only 3 bars + no ultra made + air fireball nerfs made EX air fireball not worth the meter

That being said, I really hate the idea of nerfing his air-fireballs. If you’re going to nerf something about them nerf EX air fireball because honestly that move is pretty silly.


I’m not trying to be a dick or anything, but the things you listed make it sound like you went into sfxt with an AE mentality. The backwards air fireball and teleport nerfs were not that bad. You have to remember that Akuma could roll THEN do a full screen teleport. Akuma’s far hk was buffed so the second hit must be blocked by all if spaced correctly, the hitbox of the 2nd hit is different from AE, you needed to be closer, but that also made it easier to fish counter hit cr.mp into far hk.

Meter usage is different and should not be compared between games. For example, sfxt ex air fireball is a waste of meter, but ex tatsu in the corner gets you 450+ damage for 1 bar. He still controlled the ground just fine, and neutral/forward jump fireball were fine. Forward jump fireball is also a great tool to get through anti-airs and deal good damage. Akuma is not a bad character in sfxt, not even close. You have to play him perfect, just like in AE.

Everyone with 1000 health and lower has to worry about 50% combos. Akuma’s 850 is not as bad as it sounds on paper, especially since you have another person to tag to. The system changes make it harder to do AE style mix-ups, but that did not make him weaker. We still don’t know if Ultra will see any system changes anyway, I was just speculating.

Nerfing Akuma’s moves in an effort to stop vortex and unblockables will make him weaker. These changes are not trying to stop his mix-ups. Remember the forward throw nerf? That was a dumb change to try and stop unblockables that completely failed. Nerfing jump back air fireball is not that bad. Constant poor use of that move is a terrible habit, this nerf just forces smarter use. The DP FADC nerf is just to stop you from hit confirming off mp/hp DP. The sweep into Demon nerf will hurt a little, but It’s better than them changing frame data on sweep, which is such an important button for Akuma. If these changes are legit, then it’s fine too me. It could be so much worse when you consider how much people complain about a character that’s already hard to master.


These nerfs are more of a “force the current players to play better” nerf," than it is an overall nerf of the character. The shoryuken nerf is pretty pointless when they should have nerfed the teleport. Also the sweep cancel is not going to deter the sweep spammers but just make focus attack abusers harder to deal with. A better nerf would have been “cancelling demon from a normal,” would see a significant damage reduction/scaling. JB fireball and teleport increase recovery and less push back on akuma’s sweep. Bang, completely fair nerfs.


If they remove normal cancel ultra1, welcome true U1 OS against backdashes ^^


Lol, when jason made his post he said no “option-select” ultra one from sweep. I was like “the hell i can’t.” Unless I get an un-whiff able jump in, the option select Ultra one is coming xD.


Bison, Chun, Rose, Abel, Ibuki, Seth watch out :slight_smile:


Wow… haven’t been on these forums in forever! Sure is nice to be back!!

Anyways, on to the subject at hand. These nerfs are stupid and will do nothing to “FIX” Akuma. Jump back air fireball is a POINTLESS move that leads to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and is already MEGA punishable if you KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME. Can’t FADC 2nd hit on his (???) SRK (I’m guessing this will mean MP, HP and EX version can only be FADC’d on 1st hit only). This is sort of a big deal, but it’s not something Akuma players can’t adjust to and it will STILL mean that blocked DP can be made safe if you have meter.

Last but not least, we won’t be able to cancel cr.HK into U1 Demon… But we’ll still be able to cancel EVERY OTHER normal into U1?? I can live with that. In fact, I welcome this nerf. Right now, when I have U1 people are scared to charge FA and I, in return, am afraid to fish for a knockdown using cr.HK because it’s very punishable on block to a lot of the cast. What this will mean in USF4 is that people will be FA happy thinking we can’t punish them. Well I don’t need cr.HK to cancel into Demon. I can very well use cr.MK, st.HK or fwd.MP to kara my demons. Heck, I can just do it raw when I see them starting to Focus.

So what will this change? Not much. Oh, and to the person that suggested that nerfing Akuma’s moves will nerf the vortex and unblockables… Unblockables are a SYSTEM related occurrence. Nerfing ONE character (let alone all 39 of them in this game) will NOT fix unblockables. Capcom already tried nerfing our vortex in order to “eliminate” unblockables in v.2012. So how did that work out??

Regarding the vortex, it’s part of Akuma’s design. And mostly, I don’t think people even know what “Vortex” means, but they like throwing it around when they’re trying to prove their point (mainly that Akuma is OP). The “Vortex”, as I understand it, is a setup that, when executed correctly, will lead the receiving character into a position which forces him back into a position where he will be placed into another setup, and so on, and so on. A “50/50” is not the same thing as the Vortex. Let me give an example. Let’s say I’m Akuma and my opponent is Ryu. After a knockdown (let’s say fwd throw), what are my options against him? Well, I can try the classic dash-dash setup, but Ryu has a 3fs dp, so I can’t safe jump him nor can I empty jump him. I can’t DF palm whiff (normal or cross up). So the 50/50 starts where I can either do j.HK or cross-up tatsu. Problem is, it’s a 50/50 for me too. If my opponent has no fucks to give, he’ll just mash dp on wakeup when he sees my jump in, so j.HK loses, but x-up tatsu wins, which leads to a sweep and then another 50/50 opportunity. If my opponent is actually GOOD, then my choices are even more limited because he’ll know my only choices are j.HK or x-up tatsu and a delayed DP on wakeup will beat both those options. An empty jump would beat the delayed DP, but then I have to take a risk and GUESS right that my opponent won’t dp to apply pressure on landing (like cr.LK or throw attempt). Then again, there is the possibility that Ryu will simply block and my “vortex” attempt will fizzle out by itself when he does. It’s not like I have a million choices after I jump in. A character like Ibuki on the other hand has like a gazillion options when she goes in on her vortex. She can Kunai early, she can Kunai late, she can normal jump or super jump with either of those options and depending on which of those combinations she chose, the kunai will either hit normal or cross up. And that’s not counting on her unblockables setups which means no matter which way I block, I’m doomed. Teleport someone says? Ibuki can o/s regular or EX neckbreaker and into another unblockables setup. You can learn to FA dash out of the kunai setup with Akuma, but his dashes are horrible and can be punished as well, not to mention that depending on which type of jump she used, she can land in front or in back of you, so that’s not a good idea for long. Ibuki is a character who’s Vortex options seem to punish you for GOOD and BAD choices equally. The only hope you have of getting out of it is if you somehow manage to guess right and block it, but even then, she can apply block string pressure and go for a mix up which will bring you RIGHT BACK into her vortex.

Akuma doesn’t even have that capability (or at least not to the extent of Ibuki, Viper or Cammy). I’m not saying Akuma sucks as a character. I’ve come to view him as one of the TOP 5 characters in this game, easily. He’s got a lot of strong tools. He’s got decent damage. He’s got some easy to learn BnB’s. His only downs are his low Health and Stun, but his defensive tools combined with his teleport are supposed to make up for it. But he’s far from needing any of these nerfs people are asking Capcom to inflict on him.

You want to fix the game? Then fix all the BAD characters in the game. Tweak the mid-tier characters. Remove all the spammable (I.E. safe moves) in the game like Sakura’s EX tatsu, Viper’s MP Thunderknuckle or Bison’s LK Scissor Kick and maybe we’ll start to see a BALANCED game once and for all.


Funny is I really think they’ll completely forgot to turn ex DF xx Zanku into useful tool.


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