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Just announced. Get hype.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will include 5 new characters (4 of which are ported from Street Fighter x Tekken: Rolento, Elena, Poison, and Hugo. The 5th is current unknown but is said to have never been in a street fighter game before. NOTE IT IS NOT ASURA OR BBA MEGAMAN

It will include 6 additional stages said to be Pitstop 109, Mad Gear Hideout, Cosmic Elevator, Blast Furnace, Half Pipe, and Jurassic Era Research Facility. All from SFxT.

A complete rebalance to the entire cast based off of fan suggestions

It will cost 15$ for a digital version which you can upgrade from EITHER Super or Arcade Edition for the same price. The full retail version will cost $40 and include all of the DLC costumes at no extra charge. The game will be released on PS3/Xbox360/PC early 2014. Capcom is hoping for a simultaneous release on all 3 platforms or to at very much keep the PC closer to the PS3/Xbox360 release date than ever before. Pre-ordering will get you special pre-order exclusive costumes designed by Udon for the 5 new characters.

There will be location tests and special events in both Japan and USA for players to play early builds and give feedback that may impact the balance changes before they become final.

NOTE: USF4 may in fact use Steamworks instead of GFWL!

But they didn’t show this 5th character and where’s Alex?!

Only new facts i picked up were the lame name and dhalsim’s dual hitting s.mk (WTF MAN!?)

That sim buff seem like a bit too much.

Lets go! I am soooo pumped for Ultra SF4! (Even if they didnt add Remy)

20 bucks says the “new” characters’ focus attack with the launcher annimation from sfxt

Lol Ultra SFIV! Well not too bad of a name. Nice to see gameplay from the new characters, Rolento is lookin’ real good.

Keep in mind, no changes are set in stone. Also you can’t deny that sim def has a hard time with focus.

-Evil Ryu buff (lk tatsu hitting further horizontally?)
-Sim’s s.mk hits twice
-Guy’s target combo hitting crouchers?
-Cody’s knife throw armor breaks
-Rufus EX Messiah not going over crouchers
-Yang’s j.mk crossup fixed

Guy’s target combo was also hitting pretty far

Couldn’t pick up the e. ryu change either

One thing I think should be mentioned: All of the people who claimed capcom was just giving lip service with the suggestions are being proven wrong with some of these changes. Sure there is stuff that is not suggested but they’ve shown a lot of possible changes that I remember seeing suggested.

You know, I thought Capcom would just balance the game more for the update, so i was really surprised when i saw we’d be getting 5 new characters
and i know adding more characters is just gonna unbalance the game a bit more
but still
Glad they’re keeping this game alive.

Dear COMBOFIEND, you played Rolento in CvS2 so you know how he is supposed to move/feel. I trust you won’t fuck this up!

I wonder what the new modes are gonna be

Championship mode HAS to come back. It was so requested.

you got me. im suprised this stuff is even getting to a loc test version

im also shocked to see a full retail version. i’ll eat crow on that one as well

Just give me Q already.

Better net code.

doesn’t take so long to say now.