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I’d just like for them to make Rose’s Soul Spiral not throwable again… getting tired of getting thrown out of it left and right.

I’m assuming you can live with them reverting the invincibility frames then?

You tried doing a throw tech plink into EX Spiral? As long as you aren’t performing it as an actual reversal spiral you’ll throw tech a throw attempt and perform EX Spiral otherwise. Only works for the first frame of course but it adds a small window of safety. Cody players have been doing that since ultra dropped and they lost throw invincibility but gained strike invincibility on EX CU. I mean it aint a catch all thing, you’ll still get throw out of it with delayed throws obviously but it does make it a LITTLE better.

I just hope they fix Honda’s hands cancel to RFA (perhaps by increasing the hitstun between the 1st and 5th hits?). It randomly drops if you cancel it on certain frames during the hits, making it quite inconsistent.

Is it inconsistent based on character or just random even in the same situation vs the same character? Is it because you’re doing HHS from really far? Honestly I think it’d be better just to make him move forward slightly more when doing an EX RFA. It might let him combo into it from other normals to boot.

It’s inconsistent against everyone. I made some rough tests a while ago, but I don’t have the exact numbers so bare in mind this is just a rough sketch.
Bottom line is, that I just think it doesn’t have enough hitstun to combo if you do it around those specific frames or something. Iirc, didn’t Decapre have a similar issue like this in 1.03?

Fierce HHS
If you input RFA in the following frames it works:
frame: 1-6 (1st hit), 9-16 (2nd hit), 17-24 (3rd hit), 27-31 (4th hit of HHS)

If you input RFA in the following frames, it doesn’t work and gets blocked.
frame: 7-8 (1st hit), 25-26 (3rd hit of HHS)

Strong HHS
If you input RFA in the following frames it works:
frame: 1-6 (1st hit), 13-20 (2nd hit of HHS)

If you input RFA in the following frames, it doesn’t work and gets blocked.
frame: 7-12 (1st hit), 21-23 (2nd hit of HHS)

Looks like the new patch will be applied to Japanese arcades tomorrow: http://chigesoku3.doorblog.jp/archives/44384884.html

Posting in non american ffs

Well, right now it’s already the 22nd there so we might have info in some hours.

Most people don’t even know the changes yet and they’re releasing the patch tomorrow? sounds kind of rushed to me

So, are you ready to fire the ‘Unlisted Changes in SF4’ thread back up after this next update he asks showing his utter lack of faith in Capcom to manage even the basic concepts of chain of custody and version control correctly.

Got two questions: What do you mean by it “only works for the first frame” and will this work with crouch tech?

I’m glad to get any extra defensive tech I can, but I imagine this would still lose to meaty jabs with EX Spiral being as slow as it is.

One of the reasons I’m happy with poverty games - outside ArcSys stuff doesn’t get patched every other second.

I hope they leave most characters well alone.

What I mean by 1F is that if you get thrown on that first frame you’ll tech it otherwise it performs an EX Spiral. If you get thrown on the next frame no tech. It’s useful vs “meaty” throws. It was discussed in here just a few weeks ago I think, that or it was the tier list section.

To back that option up you have the momochi tech of block - crouch tech OS spiral which Momochi uses with Ken’s DP which also works to help alleviate some of the issues of not having throw invincibility on a strike invincible move. Another not perfect but helpful option

EHubs mentions there is another one planned mid may for nesicaxlive support. Wouldn’t surprise me if they wait till then for the console patch (if there is one).

With all the balance change discussions having been dreamt up, I personally highly HIGHLY suspect that this is just a bug fix patch. Might include bug fixes for specific characters but nothing outside of a bug fix.

Hitstun shouldn’t be the cause because every hit of whatever strength of HHS you are using uses the exact same damage table as every other hit in that strength. So they have the same impact freeze, same hitstun, same blockstun. With Decapre’s rapid daggers what was changed was her 2nd to last hit got more hit/blockstun and her other ones got more blockstun. The problem was at specific distances it would no longer be a true blockstring between hits due to pushback causing hits to connect later. Decapre’s daggers work like this: 1->until 2nd to last hit use same data. 2nd to last hit has it’s own data. Last hit has it’s own data.

That said, I dunno why HHS - EX RFA would fail on those specific frames.

Been bugging dantarion to do the last 16 characters from 1.04 he never put through ultradif for months. He had basically lost interest in doing it because the code he wrote was shoddy and he seems to not have much interest in SF4. That said I discussed it with him and once 1.05 is out he is totally on board. Assuming there is ANY character changes I’ll be going through it and putting it together.

Console patch is tomorrow according to some guy on the CapcomFighters stream, he said the only balance change is Decapre u2 being reverted to its original input, something else about Omega balance changes.


Announced changes are pretty saddening.


USFIV Edition Changes:

Must charge downback to activate the anti-air version of DCM.

Omega Edition Changes:

Super: Added Armor Break

Target Combo 2: MP>MP (close range)
Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Yoga Bringer: Added Armor to EX version also
Super: Added Armor Break

Target Combo: MK>MK>HK (hold HK to charge)

Sky High Claw: Command Change to {Charge down, Up+P} (input P for follow up on all versions except EX) Added Armor Break to non EX versions also.

Super: Added Armor Break

Psycho Drain: (NEW) 63214+P (close to opponent)
Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Grappling: 236+P (Changed EX version to “Sky High Tornedo”)
Sky High Tornedo: 236+PP (EX version of Grappling, consumes 2 EX stock)

Super: Added Armor Break

Target Strike: Added EX version {Performed as 214+KK, after hitting any forward jump attack except HK}

Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Soul Bubble (NEW): 421+P
Soul Bubble EX (NEW): 421+PP (consumes 2 EX stock)
Super: Added Armor Break

Saikyo Ryu Hidden Tech: Funjinken (NEW): 623+P (Input {3+P} on the same frame)
Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Target Combo 5: Changed command to {LP > LK> MP}
Palm: 214+P (Hold LP version to change effect)

Rasetsuko (NEW): 623+K

Target Combo 3 (NEW): 6+HP > HP
Gorai Hadoken: 63214+P
Gorai Hadoken EX: 63214+PP (Consumes 2 EX stock. Hold PP to change properties)
Kyoseijin EX: 623+KK
Zanku Hadosho: 214+P (in air). Can perform EX version only during back jump.

Super: Added Armor Break

Patriot Fury (NEW): EX version of Patriot Circle {236+PP} Consumes 2 EX stock.
Super: Added Armor Break

Super1: Added Armor Break
Super2: Added Armor Break

Super: Added Armor Break

Basically as unwnd said, just the decapre change and a bunch of stuff added to Omega mode. Some new moves in Omega Mode for a handful of chars, a bunch just got armor break added to their super. O yeah, and no mention of removing the Genfinite or Viper/Ibuki infinites. Because why would they? lol.

No Sound glitch fix either

It’s a feature

Which is strange considering they said they were looking into it. But then again, I don’t see any bug fixes mentioned outside of the Decapre thing, so maybe we should get them to clarify if this includes fixes to known bugs that don’t really have anything to do with balance.

Arcade players can’t wait for that patch

Why are they still wasting dev time on a mode that no one plays?