Ultra Street Fighter 4 General


Does anyone know about whether SFIV performance mods have been made for players with weak GPUs? I am willing to downgrade the model display quality of the characters to textureless-solid or even to wire-frame. A mod for pro-aliasing (jaggier than no anti-aliasing), would be another helpful one. Do not bash me for having “scrub” hardware.


Sf4 revival anyone? Sfv is kinda assy


Yeah, sure.


Well that didn’t take long =V


Played a couple of matches on Sf5 and fell asleep fighting a random Nash. Went on usf4 and got rekt by Smug’s Dudley. Found the usf4 more fun.


You can be more creative in 4. Plus 4 has actual footsies. Everything I disliked about 4 seems so minor now that I played v. I’m still not a fan of ultras but whatever


I didn’t mind ultras because every character got them, although some were way better than others. One thing I really hate about 4 is invincible back dashes, especially combined with focus attack. Everything else I dont see any problem with. The characters are really fun in 4, you can really play them however you want. Sf5 just gimped every character, so their tools are not strong.




Came back from makoto fighter 5, where everyone plays rushdown


Quick question: I was looking through the EVO 16 result thread and i didn’t find any results for USF4 this year. I guess there wasn’t an official tourney, but i’m wondering if no one did a side tourney as well?


I miss sf4


I also miss SF4… The thing is since sf5 dropped it feels so obsolete to go on with usf4. But i think people should stop to cry and start to play what they like. Because after all a game is about fun and i had a ton with usf4. Not sure what you guys are doing but me you can see on xbox live again.


im still playing usf4 recently. along side GGxrd, its an amazing game but still doesnt full-fill the gap of not playing sf4.

how much i miss Rose and Vega (funny i dont miss my own main as much as i miss my alts lol). i miss the long reaching pokes, her space control and (not that great but still good) zoning game, i miss whiff punishing, i miss U2 mixups. i miss stmk :frowning:

i even miss Elena. say what you want about Elena, she’s is broken in some ways but she’s loads of fun to use. god i even miss spending hours doing Vipers Feint combos. or Ibuki loops on Sagat/Abel/Vega : D

miss you SF4. <3


how do you miss something that you still play?


i mean, just came back to it recently. been playing GGxrd before that.


V is a joke compared to IV.

I tried my absolute best to like it. I was excited for it. I have, several times, gone back to give it another chance.
It disappoints every time.

I’ll be back from my trip in a few days and ready to play IV again. WHO THINKS THEY CAN BEAT MY GOUKEN?!


The online is so ass for this game.


My xbox live expired and nobody plays psn. Sad life


Ditto on all counts… including the Gouken statement. I bet my Gouken can beat yours :wink:
I’m on Steam and PS4


anybody from balkans or italy?