Ultra Street Fighter 4 Nominated for Best Multiplayer


Usually I’m not one who makes threads without any further description or at least sharing my thoughts, but for this one:

I can only say lol.


For those curious, here is the whole list of other multiplayer games that USF4 is up against.


I’m enjoying USF4, but I think it’s going to be hard for it to win enough votes against some of those other popular titles. Still, it’s cool to see that USF4 was included, since I don’t usually see fighting games get any noms


Yeah, no.

PvZ > USF4.


Yea I’ll vot…Waiting for player.


so torn between the kinect sports game and the not kintect sports game


i voted for it, the game gave me so much fun online and still does, i dont understand the butthurts


I played some of those other games. They are a complete product. USF4 is far from that.


Online Chess> Laggy Fighter IV


Ultra Lag Fighter IV - Beta Edition


I can at least say that USF4 is better than CoD: Ghosts (serious) but compared to everything else there, USF4 is around the bottom.