Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


Generally, the parts come from other games (often from XNALara community rips) and then they export the SF4 skeleton and model using sloth86’s EMG2SMD tool and bring it all into Blender. Once there, they resize the XNALara (or whatever) model to match up with the SF4 model and then use a built-in weight transfer script to programatically rig everything. It’s not always perfect, though, and sometimes requires additional manual rigging. When that’s done, you export the whole thing back to SMD, convert back to EMG, then swap into an existing obj.emo. Segadordelinks wrote a nice tutorial about the process:

Backup your files you want to edit, then move them somewhere where you have write permissions (maybe your desktop). Drag the *.tex.emz onto the Asset Explorer and it should show up in the left side of the program where you can expand the contents. The textures will be inside things labeled #EMB and will be in DDS format.



Thank You!



**Updated Cape is now rigged

This is a variation pack where Ryu wears both the Berserker Armour color 2 and his regular gear color 1. The pack includes his regular armor,his Berserker Armor with helmet and without helmet. Color 1 is his regular armor color 2 is his Berserker gear. Also now the cape is now rigged and is no longer static. Thank-you MonkeyG !!!

I also fixed the file size to make the download more manageable.



Movement of the characters in the scenario. How?


NSFW btw…the girls in the background are naked…or well…revealing.


Thick Juri V3 Fiddy

-Download Link (35MB): http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/31653220/file.html
-Expect an update for colors 6 and 7. They are too similar. Expect an update on her model (Thighs and waist.)

-6 is FIVE.
-7 is SIX.
And 7 is the image below. faints


Haven’t uploaded a proper character mod for a while
SF X TEKKEN Asuka as Leo Kliesen

Asuka as Leo from Tekken 6
Hair and Skin are customizable

Hope you guys can enjoy this mod

Image and Download: http://monkeygigabuster.deviantart.com/art/SF-X-TEKKEN-Asuka-as-Leo-Kliesen-436583015?ga_submit_new=10%3A1393321385


They replaced the background models with character models and then had to replace the background ema files with character ema files to make the bone names match.


how do that?


the guy must have made some other changes since Ive tried the same also hex editing and renaming but they stay t posed in game.

almost a week on this and not done yet:


But as they did? I’ve tested a few scenarios using models of characters in the game, but without using animations. Also tested the animations in the new piecemontee’s Asset Explorer. Can we choose (save) the types of animations of the characters in the scenario?


No, that’s why they’re doing weird, random stuff (Cammy’s standing h.kick, Poison’s weird taunt thing, etc.). It’s whatever was in the same index location of their EMA as from the original background model’s EMA.


If my Juri mod is too…explicit…please let me know…I’ll add some bigger X’s on her tay tays


@Trife, that’s one sexy ass mod and if anything those pasties could be smaller. Lol


Any smaller and they would of looked like um…yeah… XD


Does anyone know where I can get an AE-converted version of the Feral Blanka mod? Or even a way to bring vanilla mods to AE via conversion of some sort? :C





OMG, does someone have a link to OBJ2EMG?. Thanks


I think you can get it from this bundle: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rd1acclw5hh62c3/partial+sloth86+tool+bundle.zip

There’s a tutorial linked in the first post that tells how to convert from SF4 > SSF4AE and vice versa.



Is blender for swapping costumes & importing an Obj costume part & putting the Ovj on the character?. & Are TGA files like Obj?. I want to make a ermac mod but the files are TGA.