Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


they shoulda just hired you guys from the thread to do alts instead of the 90% garbage they’re producing


Oh, snap did not know that was a thing.

Sorry for bothering ya.

Thats one of the best alts .

Eh I like them alot, they are silly and colorful. And rather casual, not to shit on those in this thread. But these are a nice change of pace rather than the rather … generic stuff that comes out of this thread a lot of the time. I am fan of casual outfits, eh.




All of those alts are still better than any pregnant mods
Just kidding

Like I said : the more the merrier
To each of their own tastes,there will be good and bad alt costumes


Honda and Oni alt are pretty cool, though.


this costumes are mostly lazy and awful but we can use the new clothing bones.

Im not happy with poison… they changed the hair…so the sorceress is still fucked. Maybe it will have some hair animation but im not happy about this.


10 days remains until the release of Ultra SFIV

When Ultra comes out,I’ll be back to stage modding again

With those little time I got, E.Honda will be the last guy to receive AE modding treatment from me


can you send me the hugo viking of ultra?


Is it not possible to do a character select screen edit for SSF4AE?

Haven’t seen even one character select screen mod so far.

Would love to see a CVS2 one for SSF4AE.

IS IT even possible with the tools we have?


I’ve been counting down every day for a friggin month. I have a serious need to hi-res the shit out of too many things. 8k, baby.


Its possible i do it for Xbox 360 Version the select Char emz is is new ae2.eaf works perfect :wink:
Main menu & Title.emz too!

Sure my Friend give me some Mins… :wink:
DONE Check PM ;-))
VFX & Bac too??


What program do I have to use to extract the .emz files?


Use piecemonteeSF4explorer!


Which chara_select.emz does the game (steam) actually use?

I’ve got like 5 different chara_select.emz’s in my steam folder.

Editing the one in "C:\steam\steamapps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\resource\ui\chara_select"
for example did not change anything.


I use the Xbox360 Version maybe the Pc Verion is different:
There is a dl2 Folder in you can find the ae2.eaf
In ae2.eaf is the Select Char.emz mod this and it works ;-))

Sorry this was for Ultra SFIV!

For SSFIVAE go to archiv/ui/ ui.eaf
open ui.eaf and you can find the Sel Charac.emz for each Character!


Bravestarr in Street Fighter


SFXT mods
Bryan Terminator


next to the costumes from all you guys here, most of the Capcom ones look like Mods :slight_smile:


Buy the game.

Has anyone ever done a mod pack that simply fixes the in game models like this?


I just noticed, Thawk only has tassels on one leg. Final Fantasy style.