Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


use the .emm of the sloths model. It must be that cuz it happened to me with chun li too. Of course your using .bsr of sloths model too right?


Ahh, that was it. I didn’t use the EMM or BSR files from Sloth’s model. I added both of those and the body model was fixed but the dress flaps didn’t move. So I used the EMM from sloth’s model and the BSR from the original skin and everything seems to work fine now. The textures are messed up but I’ll have to fiddle around with DDSrefedit for that.

Thanks a lot hecz!


no probl bro!


I want to use sakuras skirt on poison but since the legs are closed do i need to rotate both the skirt and the leg bones?



You only need to move leg bones as skirt bones are independent however expect some clipping to occur because Poison’s legs are much bigger.


I seem to have a fondness for your particular thought patterns, sire.

Something we might be looking forward to in the near future? :3


Okay, now I’m trying to figure out why some textures have parts that don’t show transparency, like Chun Li’s bracelets. The actual bracelets are invisible but the spikes are not. Also, the upper part of her sleeve is invisible while the lower part is not, in the same DDS file.


I’ve been using EMMedit to add transparency to certain materials that didn’t have it before, but I can’t figure this one out. Is there some guide to exactly what each attribute in the EMM file does? So far my searching hasn’t turned up anything. Could the AO map have anything to do with it? I know that has to do with shadows and I don’t figure it has anything to do with the alpha channel…


Metal stuff needs a certain material/shader to allow transparency, SpcEnvAlpha_W. Here’s a partial list of shaders and their attributes:

Make sure her sleeve-bottom has a similarly transparency-compatible material/shader. The easiest way is probably to copy it from the top of her sleeve.

If you’re just trying to make things invisible, it’s usually better/easier to toggle the whole thing to ‘off’ in the asset explorer than to toil with alpha transparency. The only time this isn’t true is when you need some of the model to still be visible, and even then, it may make sense.

AO is only an issue with shadows, not with transparency.


hmmm I see thanx. I checked the uv map on Ivy and its out of the texture I guess your right.

I will skip ivy on sfxt and start straight on AE.


B.Orchid, Valentine, powergirl and supergirl are next after Ivy then when the new dlc is out then it will be the sorceress from dragons crown and B. Jenet.

Most of them are 50% done since I never stay on a single model because new ideas come to mind and had to start on it XD.


Ah, that clears it up, and the list is handy as well. Thanks!


I can’t wait for you wizards to make skins for the Ultra chars.


Has anyone converted dsForest’s Mario Dudley to steamworks?

Edit: Never mind, I’m switching to Ibuki. I can’t decide dammit.



You’ll have to fix the UV for AE too if you want the mod to look perfect but in case you leave it as it is then the degree of ugliness will be lesser in AE than in SFxT.


SFXT mods
Rolento Armor

link: http://salimano3.deviantart.com/art/Rolento-Armor-473526703


yeah im fixing it but I will finish later the sfxt model since ultra is around the corner :smiley:





Very nice, thank you :slight_smile:


did ya’ll see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aCv3Sc9-UE
some of them are ok, some are bullshit. None of them come close to what you all been doing all the years.
Without you all we would be so happy about those costumes but now we think, we saw better :slight_smile:



Now we just need a BSRMerger/BoneMerger for USF4/SSF4AE and we won’t have any limits :smiley:


Ese video me paro los pelos XD

That video gave me goosebumps…we are an amazing team!!!