Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread



You’ll have to fix the UV for AE too if you want the mod to look perfect but in case you leave it as it is then the degree of ugliness will be lesser in AE than in SFxT.


SFXT mods
Rolento Armor

link: http://salimano3.deviantart.com/art/Rolento-Armor-473526703


yeah im fixing it but I will finish later the sfxt model since ultra is around the corner :smiley:





Very nice, thank you :slight_smile:


did ya’ll see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aCv3Sc9-UE
some of them are ok, some are bullshit. None of them come close to what you all been doing all the years.
Without you all we would be so happy about those costumes but now we think, we saw better :slight_smile:



Now we just need a BSRMerger/BoneMerger for USF4/SSF4AE and we won’t have any limits :smiley:


Ese video me paro los pelos XD

That video gave me goosebumps…we are an amazing team!!!


@Newtalgia Looks like some of 'em stopped off at the thrift shop for basement bargains


Hello hello SRK. I was told you guys could help with a problem Im having.


I followed the Stage Music editing tutorial on here and I have a Slight problem.

I created my CBS file as follows.

1- Intro
2- Loop
3- silent
4- silent
5- loop
6- silent

I did it this way cause I got the Intro going, the the loop goes on forever, Until Low Health / Double Ultra that is. Then it goes Silent.
If I try to put the Loop on #6, Then when low life / double ultra it just restarts the loop somewhere in the middle instead of just continuing.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to get it to just, Play? No changes or anything like that?


I know what were they thinking. Next is Animal DLC. Tbh, I think even casuals would go wtf at some alts. I showed them to Akiman who designed SF2 Ryu and invented Chun Li. He said the stuff from SF4 artbook is great, but the alts chosen for this trailer was warui… bad


The summer DLC costumes were designed by Udon not Capcom
I won’t totally blame Udon since many of their artworks are cool to begin with,not every concept artworks can be transferred to 3d flawlessly

As as much I love this modding community, I won’t totally bash Capcom since I’m a modder,I only modified/using available sources to create a new model,I haven’t possessed enough skill to **design/create anything from scratch


you dont need to cut your song into loops/intro or whatever, just convert it to the appropriate format, then duplicate it 3 time, or simply as much time as there are audio file on the CBS container to replace

if you want perfectly looped songs, you have to make your loop first, then cut it at the exact moment where it should loop ( when the second loop start ), then use that as a replacement, basically ,if your song loops by itself perfectly ,it will loop in game


How did you know they were made by Udon? I know they made the DLC pack for poison hugo etc, but the vacation pack??


From the original announcement at a convention it was revealed to be Udon.


Thank you Ive been looking for confirmation on that for a while.

I have a friend who works at udon… Even then I think they tend to screw up their honor of collaborating with Capcom (not just dlc cosumes.)

I admit these look way better in motion … But still the ball was dropped on this one


hey guys, i got Ultra this morning because i preordered but when i install, it installs arcade edition
any idea why ? do i have to wait till tomorrow ?



I also preordered it and I can see it in the list of available DLCs for SSF4AE but cannot install it, I think we’ll have to wait for tomorrow.


edit: i have retail copy