Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


Fingers crossed for on-disc DLC


What are you talking about man? You can go wrong with FACKIN animal pack dlc costumes! Why instead if listening o fan feedback, why not make a quick buck and give them what everyone wants… Animal fighter IV (call kotaku )

Especially when Udon is designing them. I mean cant go wrong with Udon :facepalm:


WTF ? i dont get this its august 08 now and i sill have arcade edition.
Steam keeps telling me that i already own usf4 upgrade BUT i still have AE !!


It’s out now, go download !


I think you totally misunderstand my comment Sir.

It was an inside joke for the “Day 1” PC community. I don’t want to explain because they could easily make a quick change.

1 more gig left until…


oh now i see, its updating something…is it ?..


Yes but in case it doesn’t do that, try verifying integrity of game cache as that often trigger download of new updates.


The name should be changed to Ultra Street Fighter IV now.


im a noob of steam how do I add the game?


“\dlc\Arcade Edition\dlc\04_costume\battle\chara”
"\dlc\Arcade Edition\dlc\04_ae2\battle\chara"



alright man, thanks ! im very new to this steam thing you know…its my first steam game !



Nice ! you’ll begin to like it as you get familiar with it.


It should start automatically but in case it doesn’t right click on game name -> properties -> local files tab -> verify integrity of game cache. That’s also a game saver because in case you damage some files by modding or accidently then verifying integrity will fix the game.


but the game starts says is ultra on the steam but its still ae

i had the old game but i purchased the full ultra upgrade.





@BrutalAce yea i already like it,its perfect ordered and easy to use.



Have you registered your old game on Steam ? I mean redeemed your GFWL key on Steam ? if yes then it should be listed in your game library and downloading something like this





it worked as you said tnx buddy.


Downloading USFIV at the moment
Rape time Stage time


friends, one last question is it possible to change the desktop icon to usf4 ? because its the same as AE



well poison porting time then full stage raping! XD