Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread




For those interested I have opened up a massive section for USF4 over on the SFxT modding forums.

Would really love to see what you guys can pull off :wink:
Happy modding :smiley:


So I was trying to mod Poison and I got this error when trying to import my modded DDS file back into the EMB.

"Invalid file size (must match target block size) Please export this DDS first to check its properties.

I checked the file in WTV and it’s DXT5, so I saved it as such and it’s failing :confused:

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out. Poison’s 2nd DDS file requires you to check “No MIP maps.”



Don’t inject them using AssetExplorer, you can compile a new emb with Kensou’s tool though it’s a bit more work.


I might need to learn how to do so because I want to use High-RES textures


Yes for all custom resolutions like 2048x2048 or better compression, Kensou’s tool is your friend.


Quick Little Mod xDusty Golden Poisonx

Download 1.16MB: https://www.mediafire.com/?bptw3y3xwwhxy7a


My Ultra has arrived,gonna upload a new stage mod tonight

I just discovered that for the 5 Ultra chars and stages,the “patch” method will still apllied,but you have to copy the files into “patch_ae2” instead

EDIT:Not this fusion boy tonight



It might take a few days to do the poison mods so in the meantime please extract the korea stage because thats the stage it must be used for stage modding.


Hey guys,

I haven’t been following the thread as often as I would’ve liked… and I’m sure this is has already been addressed; but could somebody point me to where I need to go to get my collection of mods converted(?) I’m guessing everything went to shit when they took it down from GFWL?


if you remove dinos and cars from that jungle stage , will their sound FX go away too ? its soooo annoying


Just take your time,we will discuss carefully when you are ready to roll

Anyway,My honor to present The very first stage mod of Ultra SFIV
USFIV Blast Funace X Volcanic Rim

Work with Steam version

Just extract and copy the whole folder “patch_ae2” into your game folder

Image and Download : http://monkeygigabuster.deviantart.com/art/USFIV-Blast-Funace-X-Volcanic-Rim-474046779?ga_submit_new=10%3A1407490171

Edit:I’m out of breath to make Cammy 10 color pack,can anyone help me ?


Favor please from you awesome modders… if anyone is going to do a barefoot Decapre (either a proper swimsuit mod or a redo of her ‘Gladiator’ costume), can you please give her the same nice bare feet models used in Sloth86’s mods for Cammy? :slight_smile:


I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but can anyone here help in trying to figure out how to mute the new (more loud and over-exaggerated) announcer quotes during matches? I had the Third Strike announcer sound mod in before the ultra update which silenced every in-game quote from the SSF4 announcer, but apparently Capcom added a new file (located in dlc/04_ae2/battle/sound/narration/BTL_NAR_E.csb) that adds the new Ultra sayings, which plays on top of the 3S sound mod of old. I tried a quick edit of the csb myself to override the aax clips inside with ‘silent’ ones, but after I ran that in, the game would crash out of nowhere in-match if it attempted to load up an Ultra-specific quote. Any help would be appreciated, all that shouting he does just really irks me…

Also, apparently since I had the old simplified HUD and text edits on my steam AE, the Ultra update reverted back to the default ‘flaming super bars’, which would make sense since it added a gauge for UC-double and other data, but the text edit is still fine (good news). I’m assuming a new mod for the HUD completely would need to be in order now, right?


I’ll let you guys decide: should I start a new thread or just rename this one?

AE mods still seem to work, so I’m not planning to make a new wiki (why lose all of that stuff if it still works? plus, it’s a lot of work setting up all of the wiki pages, etc.) but there are pros and cons to a new thread here. Opinions?


+1 New Thread

We created a new thread when Super was released I believe? Mines well do it with Ultra.

I would just try to have the last post refer people to the Wiki and the new thread


if they all still work then they’ll all get used, the discussions are still relevant. i think a rename would make sense.


I have checked the Ultra.basically all of the files of Ultra(characters,stages,HUD…) appeared as the DLC files for SSFIVAE instead (since all of Ultra files are stored inside folder “DLC”)
In another word,It is exactly like the transition from SSFIV to SSFIVAE

So I vote for rename thread,there is no reason to close one of the most viewing thread in this site



I think it’s time for a new thread, the game has changed quite a bit (Transition to Steam and now USF4). Most probably this will be the final major upgrade to the game so a new thread can be made at this point. The wikis should remain as it is though you can change it’s name to “USF4 Modding Wiki (2014 Update)” from “SSF4 - Arcade Edition Modding Wiki”.

Additionally if there is an option, you can make a sticky link to this thread on the new thread so users can see all the info here whenever they want.

NOTE: This is just my opinion, please listen to more feedback before you make the decision.

EDIT: Just saw the fresh look of wiki, nice work there hunter.


Ultra is just a like AE edition upgrade for SSFIV instead of an overhaul like Vanilla SFIV to SSFIV. Moreover,there is no new type of files nor new compressed files so modding techniques will still be remained
Besides,the only thing we have to update for Steam version is the EMM updated files so It won’t be a big deal

Creating a thread for Ultra won’t make us become hype like SSFIVAE because it took us 2 years to see SSFIVAE came to PC,we were thrived for SSFIVAE PC back then but I don’t see people get too excited for Ultra update these days

It has been 5 years since SFIV came out so Ultra thread won’t age well like SSFIVAE so keep this thread alive is a better option for me (SF X TEKKEN modding thread is still a sad memory for me)

I hope this thread to stay remain so people can still post mods for SF X TEKKEN too

Ultra SFIV should have been called Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Edition instead