Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


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We created a new thread when Super was released I believe? Mines well do it with Ultra.

I would just try to have the last post refer people to the Wiki and the new thread


if they all still work then they’ll all get used, the discussions are still relevant. i think a rename would make sense.


I have checked the Ultra.basically all of the files of Ultra(characters,stages,HUD…) appeared as the DLC files for SSFIVAE instead (since all of Ultra files are stored inside folder “DLC”)
In another word,It is exactly like the transition from SSFIV to SSFIVAE

So I vote for rename thread,there is no reason to close one of the most viewing thread in this site



I think it’s time for a new thread, the game has changed quite a bit (Transition to Steam and now USF4). Most probably this will be the final major upgrade to the game so a new thread can be made at this point. The wikis should remain as it is though you can change it’s name to “USF4 Modding Wiki (2014 Update)” from “SSF4 - Arcade Edition Modding Wiki”.

Additionally if there is an option, you can make a sticky link to this thread on the new thread so users can see all the info here whenever they want.

NOTE: This is just my opinion, please listen to more feedback before you make the decision.

EDIT: Just saw the fresh look of wiki, nice work there hunter.


Ultra is just a like AE edition upgrade for SSFIV instead of an overhaul like Vanilla SFIV to SSFIV. Moreover,there is no new type of files nor new compressed files so modding techniques will still be remained
Besides,the only thing we have to update for Steam version is the EMM updated files so It won’t be a big deal

Creating a thread for Ultra won’t make us become hype like SSFIVAE because it took us 2 years to see SSFIVAE came to PC,we were thrived for SSFIVAE PC back then but I don’t see people get too excited for Ultra update these days

It has been 5 years since SFIV came out so Ultra thread won’t age well like SSFIVAE so keep this thread alive is a better option for me (SF X TEKKEN modding thread is still a sad memory for me)

I hope this thread to stay remain so people can still post mods for SF X TEKKEN too

Ultra SFIV should have been called Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Edition instead


monkeygigabuster92 makes a compelling argument. If I can still rename the thread, I’ll just do that and put a note that everything before pg. 290 is AE and everything after is Ultra.


The game still saw some prominent changes like you guys talked about fixing stages, menu mod paths, character EMM files work like SFxT now and the movesets are crypto-signed. Still my intention for a new thread was to avoid confusion between GFWL/SSF4AE and Steam/Ultra as people still seem to mix things up, if that can be solved by a simple rename then so be it.

And I am glad that they haven’t changed any compression or file format otherwise the modding would come to halt, a simple change in the way EMM files are used disturbed so many mods so can’t imagine what a major change could have done.


Can you help me in making 10 color pack for my Doll Cammy,I’m still on the progress of making mod for E Honda so It will be nice if you can help me since you are quite familiar with texturing Cammy already

My new direction is to make simple yet appealing mod so It can be played online without hindrance the performance and Cammy Doll is one of them

If you agree,I will upload on Mediafire shortly



The ultra version had no major changes to the files. I’ll be releasing soon the other mods stages after finishing all work. I believe that everything is available on the 12th, next week, maybe a Mod Pack Stage.


For the 5 new characters and six new stages,the only Nondestructive Installation for them is to place them in to the patch_ae2/battle/chara and patch_ae2/battle/stage directory to store your mods

Placing them in “patch” folder will waste of time since the mods won’t load in that folder

However,39 characters and all stages from SSFIVAE will still work with “patch” folder method

In summary
"patch" folder works with SSFIVAE chars and stages
**“patch_ae2” **folder works with 5 Ultra chars and 6 Ultra stages

Hope this will help for everyone

USF4 Moveswapping
USF4 Moveswapping
USF4 Moveswapping




I’m not a skin/modelling guy, though I do like to tinker with sound. I’ve updated my sound mod with Ultra support for those of you interested. I figured it might be worth sharing here.


From the Readme:

Changed effects are:

  • Blocking sounds for normals and specials
  • Claw equipped blocking sound for Vega
  • Projectile impact effect
  • Projectile on projectile collision effect

Have at it.


Yeah, I’m planning to update the beginner’s instructions on the wiki to just always use the patch_ae2 method. That’ll be the easiest and most consistent, I think.

Out of curiosity: do raw SFxT stages bundled with Kensou’s tool work in Ultra? It occurred to me that the lua script changes that came with the steamworks update may have just been to add different starting coordinates (i.e, to support different starting locations, ala SFxT).


@monkeygigabuster92‌ I’ll try my best, I’m deep in Poisons pants right now so I dunno how soon I can finish it

PM me the stuff




Bar the Lua files,some stages like Jurrassic or Blast Furnace have most files identical to SF X TEKKEN counterpart (which means most of the time you don’t have to rename anything) ,You can even use the EMA files from SF X TEKKEN without messing the stage

However,for stage like Half Pipe or Cosmic Elevator the stage changes drastically so some minor changes must be applied

P.M sent


We need a maskless Decapre stat!


Has anyone experimented with editing the stages .lua files yet? I would be interested to see what could be done in regards to background switching with proper editing (for example make both of the jungle stages into a single stage, but have the time of day switch between rounds).


time of the day changes I havent tried but I messed a lot with lua files and I have been able to add stuff frome other stages with animations. Its a real pain in the ass to work because it needs hex editing every single object u wont use.

If you miss one the stage crashes.


Hmmmm, sure does sound like a lot of work for something not guaranteed. Regardless, have you thought of experimenting with something like the idea I proposed maybe sometime in the future? I would love to try, but I suck at anything to do with cosmetic modding I’m much better at gameplay editing.