Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


@Will Smith
You should look at the Pit Stop 109 instead since Solar Eclipse Is very complicated,besides of Lua file It uses many effect textures to create eclipse effect while in Pit Stop Case,It only uses light effect to manipulate the day time


Would you have any tips on how/what I should do to get this effect to work on other stages?


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I think the problem with the luas is that they’re compiled lua bytecode (i.e., same issue with the shaders), so they’re harder to manipulate than just raw lua (like the const.lua in SFxT). I tried running some of the scripts through a decompiler to see if it would yield anything more usable but never got very far with it.


WIP Delinquent Honda


10 color pack coming soon




when try to inject the dds files back i can’t get it to work, the file sizes don’t match, i tryied all the possible different alpha channel options and i couldn’t get it to work so far, is that what’s happening to you too?


Can somebody explain to me whats wrong with the moveswapping right now? I attempted previously to swap Juri and Poisons movesets the old AE way and they came out like the “WHAT HAVE I DONE?” videos.
I made another thread a couple days ago but it’s gotten zero results and I have tried using multiple .bac and .bcm swaps between the 2.
The problem now is that there are at least 3 or 4 instances of these 2 files spread throughout the directories and I’m unsure which ones to switch if I want to have a vanilla SSF4 character swapped with an ultra character.


Quick question, Some mods from the aemods (or ultra mods now I guess?) page have flashing textures. Does this simply mean they are out of date? Or is there an easy fix for this?



Second stage mod of Ultra SFIV
USFIV Jurassic Era Research Facility X Solar Eclipse


Work with Steam version

Just extract and copy the whole folder “patch_ae2” into your game folder

Image and Download: http://monkeygigabuster.deviantart.com/art/USFIV-Jurassic-research-facility-X-Solar-Eclipe-474528987

EDIT: Delinquent Honda coming next week


Is it possible to get this to work with a non-360 controller? I’ve got a HRAP3 Pro v3 with native Windows drivers.


no, you need to use a x360 controller emulator to use it or the buttons won’t show.


Poison coming soon with full HD textures… I have taken Sloth’s grey skin textures from SFxT and painted as well as improved them for USF4 so her SFxT body can be ported now, it will be “no-nudity” version like Capcom’s original textures so no catchy ideas :stuck_out_tongue: Here is the result so far.




is the tutorial by hunterk for stage swapping still work for Ultra ?


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I mean seriously? Why the hell would I put in a keylogger into the mod to gain access to his account of a game that is not even close to being in my interests?


flashing textures or no texture (blank gray/white)? if blank, you can fix it in the EMM file. There’s instructions linked on the front page of the wiki. If flashing, can you get a screenshot?

The movesets are all cryptosigned now. You can’t modify them with Ono (or presumably through swapping) unless/until someone puts out a tool to allow it. Just sit tight for a bit.


lol at bison in the background


Possible without nail polish, hate how the characters hands look in this game with nail polish ^^;



I dont know if everyone agrees but it would look better if she had normal feet.

What do you think?


Thanks for this…can you do a version with nail polish…sounds so weird typing this



Yes I agree with that, they are gigantic right now so I’ll edit them but also include a version with big ones because later I get tons of complaints from players who prefer Capcom style.


I haven’t started working on nails yet so they just have skin color right now, probably make two versions later (colored & colorless).


lol okay…