Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread



I dont know if everyone agrees but it would look better if she had normal feet.

What do you think?


Thanks for this…can you do a version with nail polish…sounds so weird typing this



Yes I agree with that, they are gigantic right now so I’ll edit them but also include a version with big ones because later I get tons of complaints from players who prefer Capcom style.


I haven’t started working on nails yet so they just have skin color right now, probably make two versions later (colored & colorless).


lol okay…


I’m new on this boards (I post on sfxt mods zetaboard) but I come with a present.

Poison SFxTK Swap Costume ported to USF4
Only the 2 sfxtk original colors ported to usf4 yet: http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/83599261/file.html

Known issue:

  • the chains are rigged to her hips and don’t move like they should
  • the glowing line doesn’t glow in every stages
    I’m not sure the eyes are right, maybe a bit too bright (or it’s the alpha).

Tell me if you find any problem, while I do the 8 other colors (If I have something to edit let me know asap).


@siegfried1‌: Amazing work. I wish she wasn’t a charge character because I’m not a fan of those. Might have to learn her despite that though, really like her moveset and ultra.

I would also appreciate if someone could give me a working link for the Chie mod by dsforest. dsforest.deviantart.com/art/SSF4AE-Sakura-Persona4-Chie-Costume-MOD-303850874


Poison? She isn’t a charge char.


how do you guys change characters do you use any mod manager or skin changer?


Was referring to the Decapre Hunter costume.



you put 1 wrong file in your stage


Can anyone give me any idea of how to get this mod working again? I’m not sure what exact file changes were made to USFIV that keeps this mod from working. Pls help.


Sakura sumo Girl Mod is not working on USF4 crash the game too!!
On AE its working fine any idea why?


Could someone update the Silent announcer mod, I actually have the old version for Arcade Edition. It actually appears to work during character select (offline) sequence but during the fights it doesn’t work anymore. I would greatly appreciate a fix for this, can’t stand that blabber mouth.


I think Ill just stick with Music mods lol.

However, Anyone got a link to stuff Id need for the Skinning? I tried looking but the only vid I found on Youtube was 4 years old and has dead links…


Hello all, this may be a dumb question, I have the Steam version of USF4 and would like to know if there is a way to make the Character Select Music (from Vs. mode) the default one? I don’t like the Character Select music from Arcade mode and would like for the Vs.version to be the default one.


Instead of putting in the resource/battle/chara folder, try making a new chara folder under the patch_ae2 directory and add the new skins there. Since the v2014, they’ve added some bugfix models or something that break a few characters’ mods under the old method.

Don’t bother with youtube tutorials. Use the text tutorials linked on the wiki.

EDIT: people wanting to mess with movesets can use the SF4Remix launcher. Just follow the instructions for where to copy the movesets to (i.e., where the launcher looks for them) as per the instructions at the top of the page:


How do you fix a costume from GFWL version of AE on Ultra on Steam as i have a costume with white parts, i tried using sloth emmedit tool to edit and rename the parts of the costume but the white patches havent gone away any idea what im doing wrong?


Thanks for pointing out
Re-uploaded,Download link is still the same



Can anyone do the Summer DLC Ryu Pack but with glasses down?

I’ve been drawing it lots for the fuck of it. My lil brother wants to see Ryu with the glasses down. Do you think they’ll let us put hte glasses down (most characters do have something that looks moveable) for the Alt Color 10?


Is there a mod that exists where when you play single player arcade, the cpu opponent’s character will always select a random costume?

This could make the single player experience much more interesting.


So Im working on Capcom vs Snk 2 music mod for the game.

Using that for reference, Ive got 11 out of the 22 stages (27 when you add the Ultra stages…)


So this is obviously going to turn into CvS2 featuring Other tracks lol. Any suggestions for the rest of the stages?