Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


So Im working on Capcom vs Snk 2 music mod for the game.

Using that for reference, Ive got 11 out of the 22 stages (27 when you add the Ultra stages…)


So this is obviously going to turn into CvS2 featuring Other tracks lol. Any suggestions for the rest of the stages?


Anyone? :S


Looks to me like you would need to make a new CBS file with just That theme on it and replace the original file.


some 3s tunes would be cool! can you make this persona 4 song for me? I want it for the training stage is so relaxing XD


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some 3s tunes would be cool! can you make this persona 4 song for me? I want it for the training stage is so relaxing XD


I assumed it was Reach out to the truth :). That is pretty relaxing though :slight_smile: I may use that for the training stage myself >.> Ill work on it tomorrow when I get in from work though.

And yea, 3s was the only other thing that came to my mind. Wanna keep that kind of same jazzy song feeling.



tnx buddy!


I ask a favor for anyone who can do this.

Can someone make the hair for the last color on hugo’s 1’st viking alt blond?


My first contribution to USFIV




Elena mod as Richard Meyer would be cool to see.

Poison as the Vice Prez from Kangoku Gakuen…



Are you working on Zero Cammy?


That’s a great music tutorial, but where can I find 3S and CvS2 tracks in .csb format?


Is this the wrong forum to post this in? :S



Thanks for the suggestion of placing mods in the “patch_ae2” directory. Works far better than simply overwriting original files. I did manage to figure out a solution to my previous dilemma. It turns out that USFIV doesn’t like .emz files. You have to dump the raw .emm and .emb from them using piecemonteeSF4explorerV0.37b. This may be an older version- I haven’t checked to see if it was updated. But my files/casual sakura works now!


Keep those Sakura mods coming.


If you can do some basic programming all you need to do to get it off the ground is rename and swap files (and make temp backups of course). That project is a good intro to the file structure and programming


In web design, I do a lot of php, html and css file editing. I can’t actually program in those languages, but I understand them when I see them. I wouldn’t even know where to start here.

Honestly, I would rather pay someone to create this mod than try and get in there myself. Anyone interested, PM me :slight_smile:


I could do it, but one big danger of this mod is, I’m not sure how to check if a user has paid for all DLC yet. if we release something that allows dlc to be seen in game when a user hasn’t paid for, that’s against someone’s terms of use, and 10x worse if someone starts accepting money to do it.

I fully realize that’s probably not your intent, but it’s something that should be cautioned against releasing a blind random swapper into the wild.

I’m not sure how dlc works in this game, is it like vanilla where it’s downloaded for everyone and then unlocked some other way, or is it only downloaded if paid for? any way to check?

While not as cool, it’s definitely legal to limit it to only default costumes, all colors, and any mods sitting in the patch directories.



If anyone wants the actual DS3/SIXAXIS driver (so you don’t need to get MotionInJoy and all its adware), you can PM me for it as well.


Yeah, I hear you. Obviously not trying get into any legal troubles.

I guess in my head the mod would simply cycle through default costumes, purchased/unlocked costumes and modded costumes, and a random color. Perhaps like you said, it only searches through default and patch directories and leaves the dlc directories alone. And anyone who wants to include their dlc costumes into the random costume selection process can copy them to said patch directory?

I know I said “simply”, ha, but I imagine this will require some sort of script.

Maybe an alternate solution would be just to create a totally separate folder for the script to read from, with the same character file structure, but all the files are empty. And if anyone want to add costumes to it for the cpu opponent to select from during arcade mode, they can add the costumes into that folder manually. If all the folders are empty, then the cpu selects the default costume with a random color. Seems like the easiest solution.

Btw, I’m not sure what the file structure is for the Upgraded Version of Ultra in regards to dlc, I purchased the Full Retail version of Ultra with all of the costumes unlocked.


yes I use that program in my ps3 control
fools the game into thinking it’s console