Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


Summer ones.


only need fix the color skin


Nice mod ! Now l would love to see the Juri costumes from SFxT with small feets in AE :stuck_out_tongue:


Lets save this joke for tomm…spider senses are tingling

: ^ )

Edit: Actually…lets try to save any talk about the latest update for tomm…u should know why…just let it ride out…


So how hard is it to port costumes from SFXT? I’d love to see that Bayonetta costume for Poison in USF4.


Quiet easy as far as swapping the model is concerned but coloring textures is the most difficult part, specially skin.


Personally I tried swapping an EMG with another from SFxT and while the operation looked like it was successful, it caused the game to crash. Perhaps the model have a new rig? :S


Btw, since Summer costumes technically out, i have one huge request.
Do something with Poison’s new hairstyle. Please. That part on her head looks like a helmet and a very bad one.


NOONE (New that is.) Release any HACKED ALTS for download.


I can’t understand that sentence.


no dlc here he means


I will port bayonetta later


Why not? And besides, did i post any dlc here or give a download link or something (dl link for what, btw? all those files are in the game folder)? I used the picture from Capcom site.


wth just read the rules man.


My statement was in General.



He meant not making the new costumes available as a replacement for the other alternate costume as far as I am concerned. As in, making Alternate costume 4 a replacement of Alternate Costume 3 so you don’t have to buy the new DLC. I believe everybody is fine with modified version of a DLC as long as it keep it’s current costume id.

But I might be wrong… he might have meant any modified version of the new costumes in which case I would say is slightly ignorant considering all the character mods are based on the original models or rigs at some point and if a modified version of the new costume was released and attempted to be used as replacement for the other costumes, it would be one step longer than using what the players already have in their hands.

Let’s go for option 1 shall we.


To everyone who wanted me to help them with colors…its gonna take longer than I thought because I want to finish up the color packs Ive been trying to do…and now that this DLC is almost out…man…dont hate me lol

Wonton Soup Poison Coming Soon (If you remember my Wonton Soup Juri)


So… can anyone help me by telling how to fix broken parts of a costume, i tried using sloth emmedit tool to edit and rename parts but still broken any idea what im doing wrong, do i have to give the parts completely new name and delete the old parts after duplicating them?


That is great news, thanks a lot.

I’m also going to ask one more time if somebody could be so kind and upload the Chie mod by dsFOREST again in case it got overlooked. dsforest.deviantart.com/art/SSF4AE-Sakura-Persona4-Chie-Costume-MOD-303850874

I’ll try to go through the tutorials myself and am hoping to contribute to this thread at some point.


New to installing mods. Read the wiki and a good portion of this thread.

I’ve downloaded one skin for Balrog, and copied the BSN folder to the patch_ae2/battle folder in my Steam directory. I run the game through Steam. There’s no costume change for Balrog.

Is there a step I’m missing? Thanks for any help.


@Trife88‌ If that is the case then I will do the Cammy color pack by myself