Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


So… can anyone help me by telling how to fix broken parts of a costume, i tried using sloth emmedit tool to edit and rename parts but still broken any idea what im doing wrong, do i have to give the parts completely new name and delete the old parts after duplicating them?


That is great news, thanks a lot.

I’m also going to ask one more time if somebody could be so kind and upload the Chie mod by dsFOREST again in case it got overlooked. dsforest.deviantart.com/art/SSF4AE-Sakura-Persona4-Chie-Costume-MOD-303850874

I’ll try to go through the tutorials myself and am hoping to contribute to this thread at some point.


New to installing mods. Read the wiki and a good portion of this thread.

I’ve downloaded one skin for Balrog, and copied the BSN folder to the patch_ae2/battle folder in my Steam directory. I run the game through Steam. There’s no costume change for Balrog.

Is there a step I’m missing? Thanks for any help.


@Trife88‌ If that is the case then I will do the Cammy color pack by myself


you’re welcome


1)missed a folder level, it should go under battle/chara

2)Balrog folder should be under /patch/battle/chara. /patch_ae2/battle/chara is only for the 5 new Ultra characters.

so to get that mod to show up for Balrog, the actual files should be in /patch/battle/chara/BSN


Thanks. Worked first try.


Ok no problem! I’ve been working on a lot of things respectively but new ideas came about with this DLC release and old ideas have been scratched. But ok, no problem.

Edit if anyone wants to help me create SF4 Concept Mods please let me know. These is the mod I want to re-create. I just can’t rig and do anything like such, but I can color my ass off though :smiley:

I would like to re-create the far right for Makoto or Sakura even…also The Juri ones…which ever one is easier to do…I just think with all the resources SF4 has now model wise…these concepts could be made by recycling parts


There shouldn’t be anything else to it. Just duplicate a section and rename it to match the imported model(s) from the obj.emo.

@ShaZe‌ and ChenNekomata
He just means: tread lightly. The SFxT modding thread got locked because people refused to steer clear of DLC talk. We don’t want to see that happen again. For now, just don’t make anything that’s recognizable as DLC-based. Rigging to skeletons and swapping models is fine, just don’t repackage/recolor/renumber them and call it a day. It’ll be less of an issue in a few weeks, just right now it’s not a good idea to draw unwanted attention.


Just about got it for you buddy!

Anyone know any reason why the CBS file would be playing in Slow motion?


That’s almost always because the sample rate is wrong (44.1 khz instead of 32 khz, maybe?)


Didnt know that could screw with it. Guess ill have to screw around in Audacity some more.

EDIT - I dont think that will help, should I just download a different file than the one I used?

EDIT 2- Yup That solved my problem. Uploading soon.


No need to do that my friend, I’m working on a Poison - Bayonetta Ultra Edition for both SFXT and USF4 :wink:


awesome!!! tnx bro!


I just got the summer DLC for poison, and I’m trying to remove the tattoo from her leg. I mirrored the clean leg and merged layers, but when I try to inject it, its saying the file-size is wrong. Not sure why, because I already edited another texture on her just fine. If anyone knows what the issue is, (Or could just do it for me, since that might be easier) that would be much appreciated


if is gimp make sure you hit merge down. always use kensous tool is way better.


Like this ^?

I only ask, can someone take Poison’s new costume, like Trife did, and just changed her hair. I didn’t ask to make it C1 or anything. Like, ffs, i bought that dlc, why can’t i ask for mods?


Ta-Da! Hope you enjoy it! I sure do lol.

Also, A Preview of my CvS 2 stage tracks.



Using photoshop, made sure to merge down. still not working. I’ll look into that tool.
Edit: The only link for that tool I found was a DA link that seems to be outdated. Anyone have a working link for the newest Kensou’s tool?

Solved. Aparently GIMP is just better to use for this than Photoshop. Who knew?
Thanks for tryna help, hecz


thanx @LanceKusanagi‌ gonna test it now!

Great job on the cvs music it fits very well :smiley: