Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


That’s almost always because the sample rate is wrong (44.1 khz instead of 32 khz, maybe?)


Didnt know that could screw with it. Guess ill have to screw around in Audacity some more.

EDIT - I dont think that will help, should I just download a different file than the one I used?

EDIT 2- Yup That solved my problem. Uploading soon.


No need to do that my friend, I’m working on a Poison - Bayonetta Ultra Edition for both SFXT and USF4 :wink:


awesome!!! tnx bro!


I just got the summer DLC for poison, and I’m trying to remove the tattoo from her leg. I mirrored the clean leg and merged layers, but when I try to inject it, its saying the file-size is wrong. Not sure why, because I already edited another texture on her just fine. If anyone knows what the issue is, (Or could just do it for me, since that might be easier) that would be much appreciated


if is gimp make sure you hit merge down. always use kensous tool is way better.


Like this ^?

I only ask, can someone take Poison’s new costume, like Trife did, and just changed her hair. I didn’t ask to make it C1 or anything. Like, ffs, i bought that dlc, why can’t i ask for mods?


Ta-Da! Hope you enjoy it! I sure do lol.

Also, A Preview of my CvS 2 stage tracks.



Using photoshop, made sure to merge down. still not working. I’ll look into that tool.
Edit: The only link for that tool I found was a DA link that seems to be outdated. Anyone have a working link for the newest Kensou’s tool?

Solved. Aparently GIMP is just better to use for this than Photoshop. Who knew?
Thanks for tryna help, hecz


thanx @LanceKusanagi‌ gonna test it now!

Great job on the cvs music it fits very well :smiley:


Another unnecessary mods




As always, These mods I do for the modder community. I hear any comments or suggestions


There is one thing I didn’t like in SSF4AE and now USF4, we can’t choose the stage for Training Mode.

Anyone can make a mod to choose stage for Training Mode, just like in SFxT? Thank you.



I really prefer small feet and hands looks way better.


just got the summer dlc, they look really good compared to the screen shots


For the people who bought the DLC. Can you confirm if Capcom made more than 10 colors for these packs? The files are showing it’s atleast 9-10 additional colors to the already default 10 O_O


22 colors (counting the 2 sf4 special shaders), it will be long to watch through them all.


Most of them do look better in game. I still hate C.Viper’s hair though. It’s like they made her hair bigger and just stretched the old texture over it. It’s hideous.


yes 22 colors in total, thats pretty neat, chun li still look like a clown , Gouki is as unfitting as in the screen shots, ryu is surprisingly cool, cammy decapre sakura elena are all good, juri is a bit less impressive as in screen shots , she has some overlapping textures and the low res shadows of the game engine dosnt look that good on it , i really dont like Yun and Yang, they look like the average swag fags teenagers, oni is god like same for Fei long, E ryu is really cool except some of the colors

am pretty happy about it after all


At first I really liked Ryu’s vacation costume but after a few fight I’ve seen how bad his shorts are rigged, like there’s no collision detection.
And now I can’t unsee it (especially as you can see it on every hadoken).

Summer Vacation Costume Glitches