Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


For the people who bought the DLC. Can you confirm if Capcom made more than 10 colors for these packs? The files are showing it’s atleast 9-10 additional colors to the already default 10 O_O


22 colors (counting the 2 sf4 special shaders), it will be long to watch through them all.


Most of them do look better in game. I still hate C.Viper’s hair though. It’s like they made her hair bigger and just stretched the old texture over it. It’s hideous.


yes 22 colors in total, thats pretty neat, chun li still look like a clown , Gouki is as unfitting as in the screen shots, ryu is surprisingly cool, cammy decapre sakura elena are all good, juri is a bit less impressive as in screen shots , she has some overlapping textures and the low res shadows of the game engine dosnt look that good on it , i really dont like Yun and Yang, they look like the average swag fags teenagers, oni is god like same for Fei long, E ryu is really cool except some of the colors

am pretty happy about it after all


At first I really liked Ryu’s vacation costume but after a few fight I’ve seen how bad his shorts are rigged, like there’s no collision detection.
And now I can’t unsee it (especially as you can see it on every hadoken).

Summer Vacation Costume Glitches

omg what a lazy job! everytime I see a single polygon clipping on my mods I make sure it goes away… Oh capcom.


Ouch! That would drive me crazy too.


I can’t believe steam just gave us the files for free… some of the costumes are not bad I guess.

Anyways, just got my replacement videocard (last one died like 2 months ago) so I guess I have to at least try and get something done around here.

@hunterk‌ I can’t remember, do you have a tutorial to convert the whited-out GFWL costumes to steam?


That can be fixed?
If someone was to fix it, I’d download it in a second.


@hecz‌ how is that training theme working out?


i twitted that shit to capcom fighters, i hop they will fix this, i cant unsee it now damn


@hecz so, now it’s okay to talk about dlc? Can i make a request one more time and not feel guilty for it?


That’s a pretty shoddy job and that’s my reason of criticizing them, of course we modders are deeply thankful to Capcom’s game and everything because without it we won’t be modding anything but then we are just modders with limited resources, tools etc. We can’t make new skeletons and rig them as we want while official devs/artists have full access to game’s resources so if they end up making something lesser in quality compared to modders then it show lack of interest. Art direction is indeed a matter of debate but this is purely bad quality.


I read that you shouldn’t upload DLC related stuff, but since this is only a texture, and is unusable without the DLC, would this be ok? If not, I’ll take it right off.

Anyway, I threw this together, and thought it looked good. I might fix the hair later, as its a bit pixel-ly.


I was wondering if someone could upload Hugo’s Medieval costume files for me. I wanted to take a look at it and use the parts for a mod. Thank you.


that medieval skin sure is your style :slight_smile:



@kenji490‌ ,thank you soooo very much. You are a cool cool dude.


I used this kind of mod since SSF4AE was released for the first time (don’t remember who made it), and good to see it updated to USF4 too.
Thank you very much. Hope you will also release the next version that contain all effects in the Pending list.



That’s probably fine, since it’s not usable without owning the costume already. Looks nice! Also, there’s only one version of kensou’s tool. However, I recommend using links from the wikis’ tool pages. They’re known good/safe/current.



**Ultra Pack Stage Mod **

USFIV PC took out, but in return we have 5 extra scenarios with this Ultra Pack Stage Mod. Were worked all scenarios again with the conversion to Steam. Corrected some glitches and added small details in certain phases. The songs are original and others chosen to match the atmosphere of the stage. Were replaced only alternative stages as Run-Down Back Alley (China Night), Pitch-Black (Brazil Night) Morning Mist Bay (Vietinan Morning), Secret Laboratory and Deserted Temple. This time ground effects consistent with the scenario seen when opponents are thrown on the ground were included. Follow the instructions in each folder, save the original files and have fun.

Stage Themes:

Urban War Zone: Tekken 6 Urban War Zone
Mishima Estate: Tekken Rival Theme of SF X TK
Antarctica: Boss Akuma Theme SF X TK
Gas Station: Street Fight Ex Plus 3 Gardin Light Theme
Warehouse: Bonus Stage Theme Original



LINK DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uw70t97hl5dsadh/Ultra_Pack_Stage_Mod_by_Alff.rar