Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


super mod bro)


Hi guys, I am new to modding and when I try to raw dump the EMG in this costume, I got an empty EMG file. Any reason causing this?

EDIT: Never mind I used EMGSWAP V3 and extracted succesfully


Yeah! finally someone is working on it, I could not wait to have that mask, thank you very much


@"Kraga Phan"‌

Sorry I haven’t seen your edited post. In order to divide the mask into two groups you need to make more material groups using Blender. That’s also explained in that video. As for the mask position, OBJ2EMG must have done something weird otherwise (head) is the right bone for any mask to rig.


@"Kraga Phan"‌
Hello friend,How can I add Custom Costumes to “Tickle Trunk” ?Please explain.Thank you.


Ok, I’m back.

First of all, I hate all of you :wink: , I haven’t worked this hard for a while; which kind of explains my last 2 relationships. I had a mess of a backup folder, but after @"Kraga Phan"‌ posted that amazing backup I decided to fix it and post it here. Most skins come from the deviantArt page and this here thread, and a lot of them had missing textures, files, screenshots or credits; this has all been fixed and amounts to a whooping 6.75Gb (uncompressed) of mods.

Before downloads start, I’d like for @Kraga Phan (and his programmer) to check it out and maybe concatenate them into a massive, lets say… “Ultra Pack” torrent?

Download the pack here at your own risk:


And please let me know if there are any issues with the download.

Also, as @monkeygigabuster92‌ suggested, I split it into 3 files as follows:

Vol.01 Complete Mods - Every costume in this pack has:

1. Every file needed for it to function right out of the box.
2. A title pic or screenshot. Sometimes more.
3. Full USFIV/Steam compatibility.
4. Names set to slot 1 (XXX_01) so they will play nice with Tickle Trunk. 
5. Credits marked on the folder and the screenshots inside (some authors are still marked as [unknown]).
6. Almost no overlap with Kraga's MegaPack (some 10ColorPacks are now complete and some Alt Versions have been added).

Pack Contents:

G_One -by Gpsing
Mecha -by ohho
PsychoArmor -by mgb
DBZ King Kai -by MaeSter
Christie B -by aaniishh
MGS Raiden -by Ayiep
Ansatsuken -by Segador
Chunli Skimpy Dress -by ohhho
MaiShiranui (socks) -by Segador
Omega -by ohhho
Decapre - Stewardess -by RokiFerrari
Mad Gear -by siegfried129
Enforcer (10color)-by MaeSter
RockNRolla -by MaeSter
Afro -by Zomoron
DBZ Cyborg Taopaipai -by dsForest
Classic SF3 -by Cahuesnk
Ponytail(10 colors) -by Acethylen
Violent Gouki -by seb-le-dingue
DBZ Master Roshi cos1 -by dsForest
DBZ Master Roshi cos2 -by dsForest
AggressiveV2 -by mgb&sld
Bryan -aaniishh12
EdiE -by Piuma
Hunk -by mgb (my bad, this is available in Kraga’s pack)**
Megaman -by dsForest
Delinquent -by mgb
Jimbei_Yakuza -by MaeSter
3rdStrikeColor Pack -by hunterk
Avatar of Death -by MaeSter
Neptuneman -by dsForest
The Hawk -by mgb
Master Chief -by Khaledantar666
002 -by ohhho
Devil -by ohhho
Hungry Spider -by codenamedois
Juri Zebra -by Salim
Kerrigan Ghost -by Segador
Kerrigan Zerg -by Segador
Ultimate -by ohhho
Army and Street -by hecz
MMA -by ohhho
Real Ken Masters -by Piuma
Sensei -by Segador
SFxT Swap -by Stinkyfingaz
Wonton Soup -by Trife88 (hair fix)
Tekken Soldier -by Moedje-Trife-Siegfried
Coquettish Rose -by [unk]
Inner Beauty -by Sikanda et al
Poison Ivy -by sloth85
Pullum Purna -by Cestus&Mastasushi
Samanoske [Onimusha] -by mgb
Street -by Piuma
Workout -by Piuma
Yun -by imacloud
Asura Ver2 -by mgb
Onimusha -by mgb
Wanderer -by mgb
Merc -by MaeSter
Street Thug -piuma
TigerGod -MaeSter
Cosplay -by zero
Denjin Sakura -by Orgolove
Miharu -gpsingh
Dictator -by aaniishh
French Beard_CheapSuit -by aaniishh
Injustice Superman -by Segador
Shaktimaan -by gpsingh
True Vega -by Segador&Cahuesnk
Chernobyl Mutant -by MaesterLee
DoA Bass -by dsForest
Garrosh Hellscream -by MaesterLee
Trucker -by aaniishh12[/details]

Vol.02 Incomplete ColorPacks - Mostly costumes with only 1 to 5 colors available. Every set in this pack has:

1. Every file needed for it to function right out of the box in the available colors.
2. No dummy files for the missing colors (as to help volunteers complete the color packs).
3. A title pic or screenshot. Sometimes more.
4. Full USFIV/Steam compatibility.
5. Names set to slot 1 (XXX_01) so they will play nice with Tickle Trunk. 
6. Credits marked on the folder and the screenshots inside.
7. No overlap with Kraga's MegaPack.

Pack Contents:[details=Spoiler]
Casual -by Salim
Jaguar -by Salim
Lili Rochefort -by Siegfried
Lycanthrope -by kuaikukia
Cell -by Khaled
Shadow Company -by Ayiep
Butterfly -by sEv_06
Leifang 3colors -by Salim
Bruce Jumpsuit -by Aiyep
Armor -by salim
Krauser vol2 -by mgb
Tera Male -by salimano3
Akuma’s clothes -by [unknown]
Karin -by mgb
Armoured Bison -by mgb
BisonShine -by beautifulviolence
Shredder -by Salim
Skyrim Iron Armor -by Kenji490[/details]

Vol.03 PaintJobs - Dating from Vanilla times, these are recolors are usable over the original costumes. The use of transparencies in a couple of these are amazing btw.

2. The necessary .col.emb and .obj.emm files needed.
3. A title card or screenshot.
4. Full USFIV/Steam compatibility.
5. Credits marked on the folder and the screenshots inside.
6. No overlap with Kraga's Megapack.

Pack Contents:[details=Spoiler]03-Paintjobs
Street thugExtreme -by Farcryer
Andromeda Shun -by CD-Ghost
Djinn Ryu -by vLucifer
Stokings -by unknown[/details]

Vol2 is the one that needs the most love and I’ll urge any volunteers to maybe drop a 20 color pack so we can replace those [EXPLETIVE DELETED] vacation packs Capcom published.

As a bonus, I also converted Shadow Labrys’ theme from P4A as a StageBGM, it goes great with AlfStatuary’s Warzone btw. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLzFTQJtvIw

Download it here:



And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my biggest OC contribution to the modding community! :stuck_out_tongue:


Soooo, all went well with the swap. But certain areas glow. & I went through the emm. Don’t seem to be the problem.


@BrutalAce I am slowly working thru your video! Damn, thats alot of info! Amazing work BTW!! Very well documented! :slight_smile:

@tibu Do you have an example of a mod you want to work with Tickle trunk? Did you download the “Greatest hits” pack yet? If so, unzip which ever mod you want & put it into the proper folder. eg CNL for Chunli. Run Tickle Trunk see if your new folder with the new costume shows up. Apply and play. If it doesn’t work. Make sure all files in the folder as set to CNL_01 not CNL_02 or 03. Let me know if that works. :slight_smile:

@Jaldaboath Wow man!!! Great job on splitting up the mods into type. That is so much work man. :slight_smile:


Upload is ready!

To be honest, the worst part was testing every single one on Ultra and fixing all the broken textures; I’m almost done splitting the mods in your pack into the folders I ended up making (btw a shout out to the maker of XYplorer -freeware-, I would have never done this without the ability to work wih tabs, mass renaming and whatnot).

When I had to sort through the DA page I realized there are still a bunch of missing skins from the packs. I really wanted to get and update them, take the screenshots with your format and make a big splash screen for the pack but to be honest I’m a bit burnt out and I miss actually playing the game :p.
If anything I’d like to make some color packs but the one I’m working on has been a complete nightmare.

Also, have you talked to your programmer? A version able to place any mod on any costume slot would be invaluable. (also, buy him a beer and ask him about a randomizer!)

Great stuff! Used to be that the only mod for my main was Neptuneman and now I have this one and mbg’s The Hawk! Hope you keep making and porting your sfxt mods over to USF.


@Jaldaboath I spoke with my programmer today. we have an update that may fix all the missing color issues. I am testing it out before we release it. Hang in there a bit longer. :slight_smile:

[UdonMaskDecapre] QUESTION!!!
This is where i’m at…I’ve modeled the mask. I’ve put it into Blender. I’ve assigned 2 separate materials for the mask & the eyes. I’ve brought in Decapre face with the rig and transfered the weights across to the mask. I’ve cleaned up the weights to be 100% to the head bone. I exported the Mask.smd. I used SMD2EMGv2 to create the .emg you see below.
How can I get this .emg file to look right? I’m almost there…I want (mask)(maskeyes) but I dont want (UdonMask.emg). Thoughts?

I check my .smd file of the Mask after I am done with weighting. I make a new scene import Mask.smd and I find the full skeleton and my mask. I test my head bone and the mask follows perfectly. I think I dont know how to make SMD2EMGv2 work correctly…:frowning:
I know there is something wrong as I use EMGSWAPv3 to take my newly made .emg file and get this error…


@"Kraga Phan"‌

  1. You don’t need to transfer weights first and then clean unnecessary ones because here we only need rigging on one bone. The easier way is to first extract Decap’s face as smd using emg2smd, import it in Blender then import your mask.smd (this will automatically borrow the skeleton from Decap’s face you imported earlier), now all you need is to go in weight mode and paint the mask with 1 value on head bone (all red).

  2. Also did you downloaded the latest version of smd import/export plug-in or the ones I mentioned in video’s end ? the latest ones are known to have some issues in exporting correct smd file.

If it still doesn’t work then PM me the mask.smd file, I’ll check it out and let you know what’s wrong.


@BrutalAce Yah man, I got the latest version! Ok, I am downloading and trying the SMD Tools for Blender that you tagged at the end of the video. I will try with those. Thanks man. Hopefully I can get this working! :slight_smile:
Finally got a hold of io_smd_tools-1.9.0 and tried again. Still nothing.


@"Kraga Phan"‌

Okay no worries, PM me mask.smd and I’ll check it out.


@BrutalAce It’s working!!! Thanks so much for putting up with the badgering. :-p Gawd I’m stoked to pain this mask up!



@"Kraga Phan"‌

Excellent !!! congratulations on the successful attempt :slight_smile:

Now just put a texture on it :wink:


Do anyone have the muscle mod for chun li costume 1 that makes her legs a little bigger? Or any of the Rose mods (sexy fortune teller, gothic or dark queen)?



Hey dude I tried the download link and I’m just seeing a spinning circle loading screen that doesn’t go away. Is it that way for anyone else or is it just me?

Btw Thank you very much Jaldaboath, Kraga Phan, and anyone else involved with creating the awesome skin pack :smile:


@Jman36x‌ the trick is you need to copy the ‘key’ and paste into the url address given by Jaldaboath, with an additional ‘!’ in front of the key. Something like this https://mega.co.nz/#!FileAddress!SecretKey


Wow, that is superdumb. Thank you @OShea8081‌, lemme fix the link.

EDIT: Fixed! Let me know if you can download it now @Jman36x‌

Also while I’m here, I have to ask: @BrutalAce‌ I’d like to see Decapre’s with the hair from other Bison dolls, would I have to model it from scratch in blender in addition to the regular magic you guys work? Or can I “borrow” some assets from elsewhere?


I can help you on Dark Queen. Very Nice Mod…