Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


I know we have a thread but is just a bunch of people that dont know shit.
I need helping saving the file with alpha channel, the booty is looking good but all the alpha channel stuff isnt working.

Nevermind I fixed it.


Also I found my casey jones files:



Super Saiyan 3 Makoto :smiley:


@robhal ,wait till you see her ssj4. She is a galaxy buster in that form. Lol.

@hecz, excuse me if I’m trippin and missed the original post, but how do I get to play the SFV beta unlocked?


remove plz


Is there a way i could convert this SFXT Kuma Bowser mod to be put on Blanka?



send me a message on steam



Because everybody loved Twelve so much back in Third Strike.



can i get a hold of that


Cody as Biker
make cody more badass!
thank for sloth86’s Tools and toturial from hunterk,sensibeat.
p/s: Hope some one conver character from SF5 to SF4
pic: mediafire.com/view/6m5ik88e8a9dxjh/cdy…jpg

DL: mediafire.com/download/fft28g7bdesvuno/USF4+mod+biker+cody++by+henry7.rar


@henry7 , Wow, That’s an amazing piece of work. Cody does truly look BadAss.


thanks you. it’s took me over 10 hours to make
Are you come back to make mod? i really like your mods.


Beautiful mod. However when I use it, the shoes and glasses aren’t the same as shown in your demo picture. Is the file latest?


Baby Head custom Skin for USFIV



@"The Tall Nerd"
I have the Makoto update mod coming soon. I just have to finish 5 more colors +some minor fixes here and there.


I was sent here and told that there is an individual here that has almost all the SFxT in their collection.

Can somebody reupload these 2 mods?:



“Elegant Sakura” and “Tekken 3 Lei”


it’s lastest file, there are not same as my ss pictures because lighting effect reflecton to material is difference bettwen stage .
waitting for your mod.


Thanks for your reply. That is not the case I’m afraid. Shown from your demo picture and your CDY_02_0X.col.emb files, the shoes’ 3D model and texture are supposed to be as same as Feilong’s Alt. 3’s shoes’. However, your CDY_02.obj.emo file is still using original cody’s alt. 1 shoes’ model. That’s why I doubt the mod (namely “CDY_02.obj.emo”) is not the latest, since the obj.emo file and col.emb files do not match.

Similar for his sun glasses. The 3D model of glasses shown in CDY_02.obj.emo, is not same with ones shown in the demo picture, and are set to be transparent by default.

You mind to check that?


Baby Head custom Skin for USFIV-HUGO
ORIGINAL AUTOR: THEJAMK (http://streetmodders.deviantart.com/art/SFxT-Hoover-Baby-Commando-306849775)
1-Copy the files Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\dlc\04_ae2\battle\chara\HUG
2-Make a backup with files
3-Copy the mod Baby Head custom Skin for USFIV-HUGO in the same folder.

Works with the first custom Hugo
It has 10 colors.

LINK DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i38bgavd03pcdf4/Baby+Head+custom+Skin+for+USFIV.rar


BrigetteEnhanced W.I.P Update


you are right. i upload wrong .obj files, sorry about that! (dont download my old version any more).
Download new version of my mod, i fixed some little bugs.

Cody biker ver 2.0


have fun!
p/s: i will make Billy and Jimmy from Double Gragon as Guy MOD when i have free times.