Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


Thanks for your reply. That is not the case I’m afraid. Shown from your demo picture and your CDY_02_0X.col.emb files, the shoes’ 3D model and texture are supposed to be as same as Feilong’s Alt. 3’s shoes’. However, your CDY_02.obj.emo file is still using original cody’s alt. 1 shoes’ model. That’s why I doubt the mod (namely “CDY_02.obj.emo”) is not the latest, since the obj.emo file and col.emb files do not match.

Similar for his sun glasses. The 3D model of glasses shown in CDY_02.obj.emo, is not same with ones shown in the demo picture, and are set to be transparent by default.

You mind to check that?


Baby Head custom Skin for USFIV-HUGO
ORIGINAL AUTOR: THEJAMK (http://streetmodders.deviantart.com/art/SFxT-Hoover-Baby-Commando-306849775)
1-Copy the files Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\dlc\04_ae2\battle\chara\HUG
2-Make a backup with files
3-Copy the mod Baby Head custom Skin for USFIV-HUGO in the same folder.

Works with the first custom Hugo
It has 10 colors.

LINK DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i38bgavd03pcdf4/Baby+Head+custom+Skin+for+USFIV.rar


BrigetteEnhanced W.I.P Update


you are right. i upload wrong .obj files, sorry about that! (dont download my old version any more).
Download new version of my mod, i fixed some little bugs.

Cody biker ver 2.0


have fun!
p/s: i will make Billy and Jimmy from Double Gragon as Guy MOD when i have free times.


Anybody here have this Sakura?




Hey bud were you the one that had good skills with painting textures? I want to fix kens hair in SFV hopefully u can help :smiley:


@hecz, link me the files and I’ll see what i can do… Lol I’ve been very behind on SFV. Lol I need to play more beta.


An updated version of my Brigette Makoto mod.
Enjoy the final days of Ultra Street Fighter 4.


Is there a custom skin thread for SF5? Just preordered


Mods have just gotten better and better. Hope you guys move over to SFV.


Hello, just wondering if anyone has this Evil Ryu mod for his Alt 1 costume (long hair) but shirtless just like the one from the left here:

I used to have it but the main drive of my computer dies back in December and I can’t find this mod anywhere

I’m also in need of the tool package for edit stage music… I looked over the PB page but the link to the tool set was in megaupload… and I can’t find it anyware else.



see all my remixed chars in


Hello, does anybody here know the injecter tool (Ssfiv Eaf Tool V3.1 - by PadaJuan)?

I have problem with this tool that every time I run this tool after I press “Load EAF” the program just stops responding.
I tried it on 4 computers in Win10, Win8.1 and WinXP, AdministorRights/Compatibility doesnt help… always same result.

Can somebody confirm that this tool works, and if does can you please tell me what OS you are using, what service pack, etc.
Is there some trick how to run it? Or maybe some older/newer version?

Its the same tool that Fastoooo was talking about:


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@“Kraga Phan” I love the USFIV Tickle Trunk! Are you planning to make a tickle trunk for Street Fighter V? It would be great!!!



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Hello everyone,

First I want to thank you all for the amazing job you’ve done here !

Then I would like to add my little building block :

In fact, thanks to the modding community, I now have multiple backgrounds for my menus, but as I am super lazy, I don’t want to change them manually each time. So I’ve created a small program to choose randomly in these various backgrounds each time I start the game.

Here it is : http://www.mediafire.com/download/4oqqm6dwbe8a3r9/Auto+Background+Swapper+v1.0.0.0.rar

You need Java to run it as it has been programmed under Java 7, and all the instructions are in the readme.txt (I hope my explanations are clear :/).

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Hi there!
I’m messing with dds textures on USF4 and I want to remove one. Example, Ryu in main menu to disappear. I edited the alpha channel and made everything black, then saved it and tried to import the dds(the format is correct, I use WTV to check). I’m using piecemontee’s SF4 Assets Explorer tool and I get an error Unable to open. What gives? WTV shows the changes I’ve made but Assets Explorer tool doesn’t inject it.

EDIT: After a reboot, everything was fine. Guess something just got messed up. So for anyone having a similar problem, keep that in mind.

EDIT2: After removing most of the visuals in the arcade(or VS menu), I see only blue-ish background. But I can’t find the texture for it. Is it in the GFX file or somewhere else? I already managed but I’m just curious. I can’t get rid of the barbed wire shadow.

Here’s a SF5 Menu mod.


please can someone help me i need to fix the HITBOX DISPLAY INPUT a little down, battle points cant display clear

here is the image >



sorry my english Im Brazilian :s , someone has the ALPHA KEN files for USFIV? all links on the Internet are broken.