Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


That seems weird, the asset viewer displays animations, you’d think we would understand it enought to export it. Then again, I have no clue how those asset viewer and ripper work so I might be talking out of my ass


Does anyone have the contact infos of the guy that did the animation code in the SFIV asset viewer? revel8n or revelation I think?



Hello friends,
Can anyone please port this below costume of Chun Li from SFV to USF4 ?

Links for the model are:-




Please consider this.


Speaking of which, @L33pfr0g , do the animations in the asset explorer appear messed up to you?


Hi anyone knows where to get this mod?
It’s Gouken’s mod



Zangief Gokuchou mod : http://fast-uploader.com/file/6998547411026/


Thank you, i tried the link before, but its expired for months.


Hello guys.
I’m sorry to bother you guys again, but does anyone still have salim’s Asuka Wrestling Mod?

Many of the links to his mods seem to be dead now and it’s my fault to be so late,
but I want this one so bad.
Thank you :slight_smile:


here< you go


Thank you so much hollyvelocity, you saved me again!!
Thousand thanx to you =) and salim for creating wonderful mods :smiley:


@sean1110 NP. (Just send me a PM next time. Then I’ll see the notice elsewhere)


Only a video demo stage mods:

**World Warrior Pack Stage Vr Final PC **

World Warrior Pack Stage Vr. Final is a stage package mods for USFIV PC with scenarios based on the classic Street Fighter 2 World Warrior. Here we find a total of 6 stages replacing the “new” scenarios Ultra Street Fighter IV.

World Warrior Pack Stage Final Version contains some corrections and additions.

-USA Ken Stage Harbor: The stage was replaced by Ken Stage Version 2.0;
-India Dhalsim Stage, Temple Of Ganesha: Added new music for the stage;
-Spain Vega Stage, Meson La Taberna: fixed, objects (chairs) do not move in the scenario;
-Japan Honda Stage, Edu Bath House: Unchanged;
-USA Guile Stage, Air Force Special: scenario replaced by version 1.2. Objects (boxes) do not move in strange ways, different lighting, and sound added environment;
-Japan Ryu Stage, Suzaku Castle: replaced by version 2.0 of the Suzaku Castle.

1-The Pack works perfectly online.
2-It is recommended to back up the original files;
3-For a better experience using the songs of each stage.

DOWNLOAD LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/file/wg4m74d33488xi1/World+Warrior+Pack+Stage+VR+FINAL.rar

Special thanks and credits to:
Hunterk, Topic creator of mods for SFIV, greatmotivador.
Doshu, author of a great tutorial for editing the Stage Select Screen.
XYXZYZ, modder responsible for creating great stages. Some of the background scenarios in this pack reutilize work of this modder.
Kintsao and Jparker. Their work allowed under one of the most beautiful versions of Suzaku Castle on the PC. The artist worked Kintsao textures and Jparker on stage conversion.


@Alff thanks


Hey guys, anyone able to re-up Cody Building Worker Outfit & Cody Pajama Outfit - Farcryer




Thanks hollyvelocity. Being trying to get that one back for ages. Big fan of the High res costumes.


Does anyone have that version of Suzaku Castle to share?


Is this< it?


Thanks, but I’m looking for the scenario.
The link is music.


Hey so I’m new to modding with this game, I wanna do certain mods but there are certain ones that don’t seem to have tutorials that I want to do.

For example, I want to replace the stage images in the stage select screen. I am not sure how to do it. at AEmods there was a tutorial for making DDS files the same size so I could replace them, but it no longer exists.

Can anyone help?