Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


Thanks, but I’m looking for the scenario.
The link is music.


Hey so I’m new to modding with this game, I wanna do certain mods but there are certain ones that don’t seem to have tutorials that I want to do.

For example, I want to replace the stage images in the stage select screen. I am not sure how to do it. at AEmods there was a tutorial for making DDS files the same size so I could replace them, but it no longer exists.

Can anyone help?


Oh right, I thought you lost your original. I’ll take another look


@Alff sent you a PM. Checked you were online. Didn’t reply. I’m crushed.


Thanks, I was online, sorry I did not read the message at the time.


Wow so figuring out texutre and 3d modding has been a trip. There are so many things I don’t understand yet, like properly editing and how people add models to a character (ie Asura wrath multiple arms).

Goal is to create a Filia (Skullgirls) mod for Sakura.


Hello everyone, i’m new in this forum and well, i would like to know if i can do an “sort of trade” with anyone who makes models here, i would like to know if anyone would like to do an 3d model of this character (It’s an anthrophomorphic pokemon)…
If anyone it’s interested in help me, i will do 2 (or 3 Depending on how complicated it could be) Full draws (of whatever you want) for who offers to help me, like these ones that I post in my gallery in Deviantart… thank you anyway…



here I am again with an improved version of my “Auto Background Swapper”.

Here’s the link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/zb3k54ghjz3bro9/Auto+Background+Swapper+v1.3.0.0.rar

Java 7 is still required.

If you have any question/suggestion/problem, let me known, I will be glad to help


Only a video demonstration of the Ultra Pack Stage Mod.


The download link was broken .Can you upload this mod again ?


can u reupload that link




A simple mod. A clean look.



Another from Hugo.



Hunting this lost treasure (the stage). Could someone help me please?

Name: Vine Training Stage (credit: Recycler)




hollyvelocity always a life saver.


Is it possible to take the transparency of projectiles (Hadouken) in the game?


Can i get this mark of the wolves Terry Bogard Ken skin as the link is now dead



Can anyone list some mirrors for these ryu mods for sfxtekken as most of the links on this page are dead