Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


Only a video demonstration of the Ultra Pack Stage Mod.


The download link was broken .Can you upload this mod again ?


can u reupload that link




A simple mod. A clean look.



Another from Hugo.



Hunting this lost treasure (the stage). Could someone help me please?

Name: Vine Training Stage (credit: Recycler)




hollyvelocity always a life saver.


Is it possible to take the transparency of projectiles (Hadouken) in the game?


Can i get this mark of the wolves Terry Bogard Ken skin as the link is now dead



Can anyone list some mirrors for these ryu mods for sfxtekken as most of the links on this page are dead



Can anyone list some mirrors for these ryu mods for sfxtekken as most of the links on this page are dead



Still have here<
As for the Ryu’s, which ones?


Hello, delighted to be among you. :slight_smile:

After the disappointment caused by SFV, because of the small number of characters, I was interested by USF4. I’m glad I did, I love this game. There are almost all the characters in the Street Fighter series. =)

Not long ago, I discovered mods/skins/costumes and I was like a child on Christmas Day. I could finally complete the missing characters … or almost.

So I already have two questions and some queries.

¤ I have seen in some videos that we could exceed the number of three alternative costumes And go up to 12. How do we do this ?

¤ Is it possible to temporarily change the character’s name at the same time as it changes costume / mods / skin ?
=> For example Cody would be called “Q” when he wears the costume/skin/mod of “Q”.

Otherwise here are my queries. Requesting the following skins and mods :

Skin/mods/Costumes => Characters

¤ Q* (SFIII) => Cody (*Remove his handcuffs)
Resource : Q (SFIII), Q Character Breakdown, Q Who Dat ?, Skin for Urien in SFV, Skin for M. Bison in SVF.

¤ Oro* (SFIII) => Akuma (*Don’t forget to remove an arm)
Resource : Oro (SFIII), Oro Character Breakdown, History Of Oro.

¤ Sean (SFIII) => Dan
Resource : Sean (SFV), Sean (SFIII).

¤ Twelve (SFIII) => Seth
Resource : Twelve (SFIII), Twelve Character Breakdown.

¤ Necro (SFIII) => Dalshim (Skin incomplete :s )
Resource : Necro (SFIII), Necro Character Breakdown.

¤ Rémy (SFIII) => Guile or Guy
Resource : Rémy (SFIII), Rémy Character Breakdown.

¤ Alex (SFIII) => Zangief
Resource : Alex (SFIII), Alex Who Dat ?, Alex (SFV)

¤ Gill* (SFIII) => Evil Ryu (*Replacing classic powerball with an ice ball ?)
Resource : Gill (SFIII).

¤ Karin (SFA) => Makoto
Resource : Karin (SFA), Karin as everyone, Karin Kanzuki Who Dat ?, Karin Kanzuki (SFV)

¤ Rainbow Mika (SFA) => Cammy or El Fuerte (it’s possible ?)
Resource : Rainbow Mika (SFIII), Rainbow Mika (SFV).

¤ Ingrid (SFA) => Rose
Resource : Ingrid (SFA).

¤ Birdie* (SFA) => Balrog (boxer) or Rolento or Zangief (*with Balrog replace the gloves by chains on his fists, with Rolento change his stick by a baseball bat surrounded by barbed chain)
Resource : Birdie (SFA), Birdie (SFV), Birdie old (SFV).

¤ Fang (SFV) => Gen or Sagat or Vega (Claw)
Resource : Fang (SFV)

¤ Rashid* (SFV) => Dee Jay or Cody or Abel or Dudley (*with Cody remove the handcuffs)
Resource : Rashid (SFV)

¤ Azam (SFV) => Zangief
Resource : Azam (SFV)

¤ Necalli (SFV) => Blanka
Resource : Necalli (SFV)

¤ Laura (SFV) => Crimson Viper
Resource : Laura (SFV)

¤ Urien (SFV, with garb) => Oni or Crimson Viper (it’s possible ?)
Resource : Urien (SFV), Urien Vs Urien (SFV).

¤ Monitor Cyborg (SFV) => Hugo or Seth

¤ Maki* (Final Fight) => Decapre or Ibuki or Poison (*Replace the gauntlets or whip with one or two tonfa)
Resource : Maki (Final Fight), Maki (SFA), Skin for Ibuki (SF X T).

¤ Dean (Final Fight) => Oni or Sagat or Crimson Viper (it’s possible ?)
Resource : Dean (Final Fight)

¤ Carlos* (Final Fight) => Rolento (*Replace the stick with his saber)
Resource : Carlos (Final Fight), Carlos (Mugen).

¤ Lucia (Final Fight) => Chun Li or Juri
Resource : Lucia (Final Fight), Lucia short story.

¤ Iron Fist (Marvel, with original costume) => Yun
Resource : Iron Fist (Marvel Vs Capcom).

¤ Shang Chi (Marvel) => Fei long

¤ Daredevil (Marvel) => Guy
Resource : Daredevil theme, Daredevil (Marvel Vs Capcom), Daredevil (Marvel Futur Fight).

¤ Jessica Jones/Jewel/Knightress (Marvel, with 3 costumes)=> Cammy or Ibuki

¤ Cable (Marvel) => M. Bison (dictator, The link is broken :s )
Resource : Cable (Marvel Vs Capcom), Cable and Deadpool.

¤ Magneto (Marvel) => M. Bison (dictator, The link is broken :s )
Resource : Magneto (Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom).

¤ Psylocke (Marvel,with original costume) => Decapre
Resource : Psylocke (Marvel SH), Psylocke and Deadpool.

¤ Dr. Strange => Dalshim
Resource : Dr. Strange (Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom)

¤ Batman (DC) => Abel
Resource : Batman (Arham Knight)

¤ Batgirl (DC, with original costume) => Makoto or Ibuki
Resource : Batgirl (Arkham Knight)

¤ Cheng Sinzan (Fatal Fury) => Rufus
Resource : Cheng Sinzan (Fatal Fury Special)

¤ Krauser (Fatal Fury) => Sagat
Resource : Krauser (Fatal Fury RB), Krauser (Fatal Fury OAV)

¤ Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury) => Dan (?)
Resource : Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury RB), Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury OAV)

¤ Geese Howard (Fatal Fury) => Akuma or Ryu
Resource : Geese Howard (Fatal Fury Special), Geese Howard (Fatal Fury OAV)

I noticed that there were already more than 370 pages on this topic, I am sorry if my requests have already been presented by someone else. Or if my questions have already been asked.


I’ll see what I can do. But some of the ones are just wiki links of the characters, not specific skins. Do you want me to search for those same characters right?


Oooooh thank you very much, thank you infinitely. :smiley:

Yes for some characters, I could not find much information on appearance and therefore on a specific Skin. These characters are not the most important to me, but they are interesting and can represent a challenge and an interesting work.

Normally on the wiki links, there are clues about its appearance and therefore the skin hoped for. For example, for Shang Chi (Marvel’s tribute to Bruce Lee, as well as Capcom’s Fei Long), one can see this appearance on the Wiki. It is the one he adopts most often and therefore his official Skin.

However, it is possible that I have forgotten to provide some essential details for some characters. Do not hesitate to tell me precisely which characters and I would be happy to bring more details. :slight_smile:


Fine. But just so we’re on the same page, I can only re-upload mods that others have done in the past, not make them


Well, I confess that I hoped that the skins/mods that had never been made would be one day by you or someone else.

But your help is already valuable and I thank you very much. And then if I thought about these skins/mods, maybe that others too and went so far as to create them.

The characters I suggested to the right seem to be more appropriate for the skins/mods I hope to find. For example I know there is a mod/skin of Oro for Dalshim, but the attacks of Oro have nothing to do with that of Dalshim. With one-handed energy balls, Dragon-Punch and violent karate intake, Oro’s technique are more like those of Akuma than that Dalshim. However I remain open to any suggestion and there are some cases right where I proposed several characters to choose for the Skin/mod.


Well you’d be surprised to know that some of those have already been done over the years in various SF releases since vanilla. As each game release was made, some mods were updated by their respected owners (and others) to use in the new release (eg: Vanilla to AE. AE to Ultra. But give me a few days and I’ll see what I got.

(You can also convert old mods yourself. -I can’t remember what page the tutorial is on. Most likely page 1 or you can try to ask this forums moderator hunterk)