Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


Amazing Sakura mod by Abrikatin - I didnt make it, just converted it to ae for everyone.

EDIT: I saved all the files, is all we need are the single col.emb’s? I noticed above in the other converted sakura pack, its only col.emb files, and this one has more in the EMZ’s.


It’s likely that the obj file is unnecessary if the mod didn’t require any hex changes (alphatest, material swaps, etc.)–since the only thing changing would be the DDS texture–but it’s probably best to include them anyway (they’re only a few kilobytes).

Thanks for converting that pack, btw. It’s one of my favorites :smiley:

I believe all of the costumes will be on-disc but we’ll have to wait and see.


all of alt.costumes include the DLC (02 03 04 costumes) are in the game folders and very easy to swap it to 01 by renaming


np, happy to be able to give back at least a little. I’ll include the extra files just in case, lots of the high level mods are very specific.
Here is another one of my personal favs converted:

I think its very fitting for his style, hardcore and loud.
Credit: Farcryer
I only converted.


Sweet, I’m prob gonna buy them anyway so I can get the 100+ slots to fit more of these custom mods in, more variety that way.


yes, we better buy them

or Capcom may not want to release their game on PC anymore :frowning:


another fav
Yakuza honda


credit unknown


I thought this was already covered when Capcom created him/her…




2 more personal fav converted for AE

Credit omrzrn
Dark Queen, the zang in this pic is sweet too.

Ninja Rose


Sexy Juri Mod ((( No Nude!! )))
V 1.1 - Fixed a little purple dot on her left leg
V 1.2 - Added mod for all colors (10 colors)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?97ekqdbo01wh9id



yah…excuse me while igo fap to juri kthnx


Niiice! 1st new juri mod for AE if Im not mistaken!


Updated Sexy Juri Mod to 1.2

Now included all 10 colors


THE sickest seth mod for those of you that dont have it from vanilla
-inside out

credit gamersky


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Some1 would have this one:



We need some penis or ballsack to hang down from under her school girl outfit this time. Or mod a bulge into her other costumes.



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ffs why put those imgs on my head <.<
Makoto is one of the best girls fighters on the SF, don’t mess with HER! >.<


That’s Evil Ryu’s alternate costume. You can purchase it from Capcom.