Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


THE sickest seth mod for those of you that dont have it from vanilla
-inside out

credit gamersky


nm im dumb


Some1 would have this one:



We need some penis or ballsack to hang down from under her school girl outfit this time. Or mod a bulge into her other costumes.



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ffs why put those imgs on my head <.<
Makoto is one of the best girls fighters on the SF, don’t mess with HER! >.<


That’s Evil Ryu’s alternate costume. You can purchase it from Capcom.


Please huntrek make a better Krang mod for SSF4 AE ! also a Shredder mod or Hun mod if you can! Iam sure the pc modding community for SSF4 AE will be very strong!


Damn it SUPARNOVAX haven’t you learned how to make a mod request already?
I’ll help you with this one:

Don’t thank me I learned all I know from Animeneko.


Gatsu, I recommend you delete your last post ASAP. Discussion of piracy will get you a swift ban.


Why sharing the costume when you already have it? It’s already on the disc…
You don’t even need to edit anything in hexadecimal, capcom made it easier, you just have to rename the files…


Didint knew that… i will look into it right now.

Already did. Thx for the warn

Edit: what i can’t find is the color 11 and 12 for all the charas. Onlyones with these colors are oni+evil ryu. I also have to pay for this? or is free?
Edit2: already modifyd and works GR8! i can use all the costumes! TYVVVM!


11& 12 for Yun & Yang too = AE
The other don’t, as we have no connection between SF4 & SSF4(AE) like consoles did.
I unlocked every colors with Cheat Engine (sorry can’t share that, I didn’t saved the table).




How did you find the addresses of the 11 and 12 colors?


its ok… i can unlock 1-10 colors easy. I care bout the 11 and 12… shame we cant have them :S i loved the 12 color effect

The charas Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun, and Yang already have them unlocked from the start.
(only on AE)

Theres any way to switch costumes without have to be renameing all the time the files for can use them… ? or any free program for do the job for me? (like some macro or something)
Kinda borred had to be changing the names of the files for can use certain costume.
Or any way to let 1 expecific color with the costume N°2 for example (?



Don’t act like you guys don’t want to see pigs fly in this game.


I want to c pigs flying xD


You’ll have to buy the DLC, that’s the point of it, giving you access to 4 costumes slots.
The renaming method is just a preview, you’ll be the only one to see them online.
You can’t use 2 costumes at the same time without buying the DLC, as the files take the same spot.
We won’t discuss DLC workaround, as it’s considered hacking/pirating the DLC.

About pigs flying, don’t we already have Rufus?


Thanks very much for the info sensibeat.
I can see this is not the place for talk about it, i will keep looking into it on google tho.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


The problem is that the values are 0 and 1, they don’t go higher, so it’s hard to find them…
That’s why I asked the user above how did he find them.