Ultra Street Fighter 4 PC Custom Skin Thread


I think I wanna try my hand at Character Modding. Or at most just costume color editing lol. Is it as hard as I think it is?


Character editing is hard until you learn exactly how most things work In game. Like any sort of coding/scripting, it requires a lot of knowledge on how the engine works and how things are handled in game. It took me about a year of using Ono before I was actually any good at it, and about 2-2/12 years to get to the point where I know pretty much exactly how to make things work the way I want them to.

The good thing is once you’re proficient at it, it becomes like second nature and is really just time consuming at that point. If you want to learn faster I suggest heading to the Gameplay modding thread here

Making custom colors shouldn’t be too hard; however, making full blown custom costumes is very hard and time consuming and requires a lot of knowledge on 3D modeling and rigging.


No way, it’s easy as long as you take your time and don’t start with any expectations. You can do all of the color editing you like with just the skinning tutorial and (if you want to get really fancy) the high-res texture tutorial. Once you feel comfortable with that, you can branch out into alpha (aka col-based) transparency and materials (i.e., shaders) in the EMM file. Model swapping and all that jazz come after that.

EDIT: as Will Smith mentioned, the gameplay/moveset editing is indeed complex and has a steep learning curve. The cosmetic stuff isn’t bad, however, as long as you’re patient.


because they dont have the same song structure, you cant just replace it, it require song swap too, i have 3s character select screen ready if you want


Hey hunterk do you have the back up files bac and bcm for ultra?


I have them all, which ones do you need?




Here: Juri’s files from ae2 folder (if those are the ones you want?)


@Will Smith

If what I’m thinking, Monkey working with a Stage mod Jurasic Era Research Facility and the phase of the eclipse in Africa. In other words, this idea has appeared before your posting.


If anyone can fix it for me, ill grant a name change or any other perk on this site!


Yes kinda like what happens with the eclipse effect in Africa, except it changes between rounds and stays that way for the rest of the round. I was just wondering if any stage modder has ventured there yet and/or knows how to achieve this effect, similar to how the stage “Pitsop 109” works between rounds.

Whipped this up for you real quick @MrWizard


Whipped this up for you real quick @MrWizard


Perfect! Let me know if you want a name change or some other perk!


helo guys
hey have a problems to make more decapre colors


Perfect! Let me know if you want a name change or some other perk!


Hehehehehe, thanks for the opportunity. What are some of these perks you speak of? :stuck_out_tongue:


@Will Smith
You should look at the Pit Stop 109 instead since Solar Eclipse Is very complicated,besides of Lua file It uses many effect textures to create eclipse effect while in Pit Stop Case,It only uses light effect to manipulate the day time


Would you have any tips on how/what I should do to get this effect to work on other stages?


@"Will Smith"‌
I think the problem with the luas is that they’re compiled lua bytecode (i.e., same issue with the shaders), so they’re harder to manipulate than just raw lua (like the const.lua in SFxT). I tried running some of the scripts through a decompiler to see if it would yield anything more usable but never got very far with it.


WIP Delinquent Honda


10 color pack coming soon




when try to inject the dds files back i can’t get it to work, the file sizes don’t match, i tryied all the possible different alpha channel options and i couldn’t get it to work so far, is that what’s happening to you too?