Ultra Street Fighter 4 Retail


Will the retail edition of usf4 have new trials for the 4 ae and 5 ultra characters? Or anything new at all? Or will they only be including costumes?


This guy from Dubai posted on the facebook group


He said the trials are not on the disc


Makes sense that way it can be patched for everybody even those with the digital version on day 1, how big this “patch” is going to be though is another question…


I’ve got the physical version and can confirm trials aren’t on disc.


You’ve gotta be kidding me -_-. does it have at least the rivals’ cutscenes?


Did they ever confirm they were making new rival cutscenes?


Well, let’s look at history. Did they make rival cutscenes for the AE characters?

Nope. Gouken just looks at his demonic, super possesed bro, and is all like, “Hm, this will be an interesting fight.” Ultra possessed favorite pupil? “Hm, this will be an interesting fight.”


Capcom already confirmed that the trials are coming in a patch.

As for the rival cutscenes, they never said they’d make new ones.


I’m getting it for the costumes. like the majority.


Hence my question. I don’t think they’re gonna be wasting time and money on the rival cutscenes, unfortunately.



Does the retail version come with the costumes pre unlocked or do you get a voucher that you have to enter in the psn store?

I’m waiting on the PSN to update to pick up the digital full version and I’m curious.


I’m still confused as to if you get the Wizard, Gladiator, Pirate etc costumes if you upgraded to Ultra digitally instead of pre-ordering the physical copy or if you get the 6 ‘new’ maps too. Can’t seem to find anywhere that gives specific information on anything digital related, only information on the physical release.


No, not that I recall it. It would be nice, though. Just sayin. I actually like the story in SF (even though some people may find it irrelevant).

Do you know a date of when that said patch will appear?


No one knows when the patch will go live. They are probably stuck on trying to figure out how to prevent their users from modding the PC files


And the ULTRA SF4 title screen. :wink:


I hope the trials come with the patch.


Did Capcom fixed the theme songs for Akuma and Gouken in Versus mode?


Nope…as a Gouken player it’s crazy that they haven’t patched this already. This should have been fixed in a patch three versions ago.


What is the issue with Gouken and Akuma’s themes in versus? I just recently started playing Gouken (1st player) versus my cousin’s Akuma (2nd). The theme did seem off to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on what the problem was. Are they playing each other’s themes?