Ultra Street Fighter 4 SRK wiki has had a major update



All characters are now up to date with 1.05 including the 5 USF4 chars which were missing most of their data. I’ve written up EXTENSIVE notes on tons of moves properties. By extensive I mean I even wrote up how much meter opponents gain when hit by an EX attack/super/ultra, THAT detailed.

If you spot any errors please let me know so I can update it later on.

I also know that at the top of each characters page the “Ultra SFIV Changes” section is not up to date and that the new characters don’t have their Character Specific Data table up to date yet. I’m working on that today, however their actual frame data tables are 100% complete.

Errors will be removed when a second pass is done to remove all errors at once to keep the wiki aligned with james chen’s personal excel sheet version of frame data.

Errors I know of:

Crossed out = fixed


All chars
Fixed meter gain values for Red Focus / EX Red Focus

On Hit Ground/Counter Hit Ground change to be [5~6F]: not 5~6F

Cannon Spike blockstun is wrong. Changed to 17/17/17/21 for LK/MK/HK/EX

EX Criminal Upper notes changed to say “opponent gains 156x5 meter on hit, 72x5 on block” from “opponent gains 15*6x5 on block”

Neutral Jump MP juggle potential changed to 1
Neutral Jump HK juggle potential removed

W-Ultra is 60%
Fox Tail’s notes are all in quotes and has weird line breaks
Scramble renamed Scramble (Ground)
EX Scramble (Air) should be In the Nick Name section has [[File:Forward]] should be [[File:Forward.gif]]

EX Yoga Fire 2nd hit is a free juggle on counterhit
Super doesn’t have to hit to reset juggle count
LP/MP Super doesn’t list opponent meter gain

Total frame counts added for H/EX Monster Lariat
L1/L2 EX Red Focus needs “Cannot hit pre-jump” removed, it only applies to level 3 version
Moonsault JP should be 0, also cannot hit airborne so removed the “Hard Knockdown” from counter hit ground, on hit airborne, counter hit airborne
EX Moonsault is fully invincible 1~6F
Claps cause a free juggle on CH vs airborne
EX Clap is not invincible 1~6F
EX Back Breaker is invincible 1~5F
EX Monster Lariat noted that armor is 99 hits
EX Meat Squasher armored 1F~ till 1F before active

E Honda
LP Headbutt is 1~14f projectile invincible
MP headbutt is 1~10f projectile invincible
Ultra 1 frame data changed to 0+10

Armor Break/Projectile/Throw check boxes adjusted
MK Mallet Smash image listed as [[File:Forwad.gif]] should be [[File:Forward.gif]] (I missed the R)
Should be named Mallet Smash not Mallet Smasher
Jump LP damage changed to 30
Jump MP damage changed to 60
Jump HP damage changed to 90, stun changed to 150
Jump LK damage changed to 30
Jump MK damage changed to 60
Jump HK damage changed to 5070, stun changed to 100100, meter gain changed to 6060
Target Combo 3 (air combo) damage changed to 60, stun changed to 100, meter gain changed to 40, recovery and frame advantage values removed
Target Combo 4 (air combo), input changed to mp>hp, damage changed to 40, stun changed to 50, meter gain changed to 60, recovery and frame advantage values removed
EX Lynx tail damage changed to 40
10x220x2 stun changed to 5020x3*50
U1 name changed from Brace dance to Brave dance

Guard Position says releasing Down 8-39F should be 8~39F

In the “Moves” section of wiki has Agumen (B+MP) listed as (Light+MP)
In the “Moves” Section of wiki has Target Combo 6 final followup listed as “LP > MP > Down + HK + HK” should be “LP > MP > Down + HK > HK”

crLK is 20dmg not 30

crHK recovery is wrong should be 21F

LK Kissed by a Goddess is Full Invincible 1~4F, Throw Invincible 5~6F
MK Kissed by a Goddess Strike Invincible Only 1~12F not fully invincible
Removed “armor break” X mark from Love Me Tender followup and Back Flip

Patriot Circle Part 2/3 should be QCF not QCB input in the “moves” section of the wiki

clsHK is +5F on standing +4F on crouching

closeLK cancel is listed as “sp/su*sp/su” should just be “sp/su” no need to double it up, other 2 hit special cancelable moves just say sp/su or su

EX Tanden juggle language should just say “Resets Juggle count to 0” doesn’t need "on hit"
Super should say “Lower hitbox” not “Low hitbox” as it’s not a low hitting attack.[/s]

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decapre W scaling is 60% not 75%



Thanks, as I said the Character Specific Data table isn’t complete, I didn’t handle that at all. I’ll fix it when I do update those


Ken’s cr.HK is 21f recovery not 30f


I need to test this, book says 20F which I must have misread as 30F


So wait. Rolento’s 2nd and 3rd rounds of Patriot Circle are QCB+P? I always thought they were all QCF+P.


No, you’re right, they’re QCF.


That’s why I requested help checking. I did this all without an editor/qa person. Took 100+ hours and I’m not doubting I’ve got errors. Thanks for the heads up.


Hell of a job, wow.

Two minor things for http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Ultra_Street_Fighter_IV/Ibuki
Unique attacks
• Agemen has… a blue L(?)+mp. Should probably be ([[File:B.png]])+[[File:Mp.png]])
• TC6 has lp > mp > d+hk+hk, second + should be the —.png for the >

[e] One more thing, while Elena yells MALLET SMASHU, the move itself is called Mallet Smash, not Mallet SmashER.


Mallet Smash is my bad, the other two actually aren’t my fault /excuse. I didn’t do the “Moves” sections of characters. ALL I’m responsible for is the frame data tables at top and bottom.

Blame James Chen for the other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways this thread is for ANY errors you spot, some of them are things I missed that were left over from old version of the wiki but I take responsibility for not catching them.

Don’t feel bad about pointing out the errors, the attention to detail and near OCD levels of work is WHY James Chen asked me to do this in the first place.


I legit didn’t know lol. Last time I played Rolento was CvS2 and it was QCF+P. I play him now in Ultra and ALWAYS drop his rekkas and can’t figure out why so that’s why I thought you were right.

I guess I need to stop drinking when I play.


It just has weird timing because it doesn’t accept the input on early frames of each of the rekkas, this is a common occurrence with rekka moves in SF4. So if you do Rekka rekka rekka as fast as possible it wont actually accept the input.

To buffer from 1st LP Rekka to 2nd one if you end the input for the followup any time in the first 4F it wont buffer to rekka #2
The buffer timing ignore is larger on MP and HP. With MP it ignores a buffered Rekka for the first 6F. With HP it ignores it for the first 7F.
Rekka #2 is identical regardless of button strength, if you input the 3rd rekka any time in the first 7F it wont recognize it being input. In addition it wont recognize a super or EX FADC input during the first 7F of the 3rd rekka.

Best bet is to mash it while double tapping the button or delay your input slightly.


eternal i have a question. Decapre´s changelog says that every version of sting has iframes increased to 8f (from 5f) I was pretty sure that it was only for the regular versions not EX. Can you verify that?


SRK always does the best job explaining how to properly play SF4…

Already have 4 more things @Eternal, if I’m allowed to nitpick, I’ll do it!+
But gonna try to find some more…


All versions.




Everything crossed out has been fixed (I.E. everything so far)


I’ve done what I could for Akuma.
Also with regards to the change list, are you talking about this page? The 1.04 patch change list aren’t listed here: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Changelist_StreetFighterIV#Fei_Long


What do you mean by “I’ve done what I could for Akuma”? Have you edited the wiki itself? If you’ve edited frame data I need to know what so I can tell james to update his excel sheet.

The change logs are incomplete at the moment it’s my next project. All I’ve overhauled is the frame data tables for every character. At the moment that is all I’m responsible for.


I’ll edit the change logs for every character.

For Akuma, I didn’t change any of the frame data, all I changed were contents such as strategies and such.

It’d be nice if character specialists can find the time to edit other characters too.