Ultra Street Fighter 4: The changes for the Strongest Style



So, this topic will be dedicated to collect all of Dan’s new tech, combos, match-ups etc etc in USF4. With a new game comes new players, some that might pick up Dan, so having a place where we can gather all new relevant information is good.
Also currently, the PC version of USF4 haven’t arrived yet, so it would be nice for all the console players to share their findings.

While we already have threads dedicated to Match-ups and general stuff, for new players that’s quite a daunting task to go through the whole topics just to find relevant information, especially if you’re not familiar to the game.

If this thread gets going, I will try to create a Google Doc with updated match-ups on all of the characters with details.
I will probably still do that even if this thread doesn’t get started, but it’s going to take longer scouring the forums and testing by myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets keep this thread positive.


The only worthwhile thing I’ve seen posted elsewhere is D-bus’s list of cross-up light knee:


Knee crossups:
Shotos (excluding Dan), Blanka, Fuerte: Backthrow Neutral Jump Knee
Bison: Backthrow, cr short cl st. lp knee -> Hits in front on delayed wakeup
Cody: Backthrow, cr short cl st. lp knee -> Hits in front on delayed wakeup
Rufus: (blocking) cl. st lp -> knee
Gen: (blocking) cr. short, walk forward, cl. lp -> knee
Cammy: HK Danku, Dash Forward, lk knee. Makes all reversals except her Ultra 1 whiff, seems psuedo unblockable, its really strange. If not quickstanded you recover in time to block/delay tech. Must set dummy to record downback, Autoblock during testing wont work

Landing Knee on Elena:

After backthrow, cr lk 2x, knee. Will hit her during first standing frames so knee isn’t completely useless in this matchup.

5~ Frame safejump: HK Danku, walk forward slightly, jumping MP/HK/MK. Certain ones will function as an actual safejump, others will cause their reversal to whiff. Still needs more testing.

I’d post more, but my notes are a fucking mess rn.