Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



Greetings Fellow Masters and Students,

Here’s the new Ultra Street Fighter 4 Video Thread.



If you want to be critiqued please use this thread. Critique us thread


Ok good, how about gameplay stuff, in the lab one then???


There’s a lab work thread for findings etc. and then the critique one where we wanted feedback etc.

By all means post videos, b/c that’s what it’s here for. We all need to make sure that they are of substance.

Gaku’s page is a good start for any new Gouken to find tech. https://www.youtube.com/user/Gaku08shimouta




Dear Capcom,

RE Yun


Sincerely, Everybody


Let’s figure out what High BP actually is. At this point in Ultra, it could be over 6 k. In the future, that might not be the case.


I just don’t want to see 6k Gouken fight 1k Hugo or some shit.


right now… especially on PC… points are completely useless because of the netcode problems.


I see… Should I change it to quality videos???


Well, I’m at around 3800 on PS3 but I play mostly endless. I was thinking if I posted Vids against much higher ranks…but I also play some killers that don’t do ranked so they’re 0 pointers. What of those?


Do you mean 1080p videos, high quality??? Hahahaahahahahahahahaaha have

I’ll suggest this one for high level play And for us the critique one , or we can open one for the srk gouken community!!!


Say top 50?


K, I’ll go first.

This one was rough. Very close match which could have gone either way. Number 17 Makoto

This one, I made some really bad mistakes but he just didn’t capitalize enough. Twice, I couldn’t dash out of a focus in an obvious situation. I checked my motions and I was dashing. Probably released the focus buttons first or something… Anyway, I settled in a little after about the 1:40 mark. Number 14 Blanka






In the blanka match near the end when you got an ultra off ex palms why not follow up with mp.palm? you’d close out that round there safely.


Gouken can’t follow up an air denjin.


What artificeren said. This is why you need to work with the people here, not over them.


-.- dude your just not worth my time, idc if I’m wrong about one thing. The blanka and other player you played that are so called “top” anything is sad. Go to tournaments before you talk any game cuz those online players are horrible. Thats why not only in the same month my father passed but I participated in my first tournament so I’m sure if your so fruitful with knowledge then you’d thrive offline much more. I doubt it though I mean you haven’t even broken 3k pp and you probably play alot. I’m married and have a business, so I bet the facts are you play more and just think your word is godlike well as I said let me see something impressive not no top 14 idiot who uses ex ball randomnly. unless maybe you’d respond to my ft10 challenge lul but nawh u ignoring that.


Around 1:00 you confirm into cls.mp with meter in the corner. Instead of cr.hp plink you go to fst.mp cr.mp (which you can’t even combo) and do a fireball then jump away like you couldn’t have ended it there, you actually lost cuz of it. I can see you don’t use frame traps really either why not take advice? You focused randomnly out of nowhere right after and he just kills you with a nj move. You could’ve fadced a fireball out of cls.mp fs.mp combo and kept pressure on with 2 cr.lps and a overhead to follow. I’m guessing you don’t ever os parry njing moves? its pretty basic.