Ultra street fighter 4 video thread






just a few ranked mirror matches of mine from the other day.


Entik is solid all around in mirrors, you’re looking sharp too.

Good matches. I watched a couple, ill check out more a bit later.

I’ve played him on xbl…does this mean you are also?
Or are u guys on something else?


I had like 5 more matches with him, but I forgot I was gonna upload them and they rolled off the battlelog :confused:

PC master race

they finally fixed the netcode to playable levels, so i’m starting to find fucks to give about my points.


Word I’m on PC too ,
What does ur system benchmark at?
Does benchmark directly correlate to online playability?


the benchmark shouldn’t be an issue unless you make it not run at 60fps.


No I clear 70’s, but even green bars are jacked up endless and ranked.
Although I’m not sure if I was playing post beta or not…
I think I am actually , any other advice would be great


Bars mean nothing. And its not completely fixed, just playable


Are you now… I would play with you sometime! Just_Like_That on steam mang. Really would like some critique and guidance.


no doubt sounds fun, Ill get at ya this week! even if we don’t play and just chat is koo too


Uploaded two replays today.
The Youtube function works now.




hxxp://www.twitch.tv/kingblacktoof/b/662974120 (replace hxxp with http, twitch viewer doesn’t work right here)

2:08:45, me vs KBT.

There’s one right before that where I lost, but does that really even count?

(Kidding, that one’s at 2:05:25… it was super laggy and weird in the first round unfortunately).

If you haven’t played against KBT before, his reaction times are just silly. He techs like everything. ><


Looking for advice, criticism, and answers! At 0:41 and again at 0:56 I managed to somehow backdash through Guile’s attacks. How much invincibility does Gouken’s backdash have? Normally that thing just gets me in more trouble, but if it’s possible to harness the invincibility better, that could be a good thing, right?


video is private


Whoops! It should be good to go now. I don’t upload to YouTube very often haha.


ok, so the backdash stuff…

gouken can “backdash forwards” thru lots of attacks, especially meaty fast fireballs. It’s not so much about his invincibility frame count, but his short backdash distance. The one with guile’s upsidedown kick worked because he timed it to be super-meaty for the frame advantage. It didn’t leave him with many active frames, and your backdash covered. It only looks strange.

I haven’t actually backdashed forwards thru a guile ex boom in a neutral situation before, I’ll have to givethat a shot. I’m sure the guile would be confused.

At any rate, backdashing meaties is a legit, if underused, gouken tactic against people who try to fb chip or use a heavy attack on your wakeup. Good players will quickly get wise and use light attack tests with mid/low mixup as their safe oki.

as for the match overall?

you were too willing to play guile’s footsie game and he was beating you in scramble situations. don’t be so eager to attempt to jump in on him. at simple jump distance he’s looking for the AA punish. if you want to go to the air, make sure it’s only in an oki situation or a max-hk or further(ex) flip. That gets guile frustrated about not being able to use his aa the way he wants to, which tends to lead to mistakes. Don’t be afraid to hold your fireballs for a half a second. Hold only air fireballs for a little while, and then switch it. They’ll think they have a read on you and then you insta-release an air fireball and you get a free palm or ultra when they jump into it.


My Gouken gameplay , some Feedbacks pls.


my opinion? You are playing well against people too scared to play the matchup right. You are showing a great bully offense, but to really critique your play, we’d need to see more knowledgeable and confident opponents.


trust me ,this Dhalsim and Vega on this Video are very good.