Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



well, they may be good players in general, but they aren’t playing the matchup right.
I’m not trying to take anything away from your choices. You correctly took full advantage.

I’m just saying that they shouldn’t have let you get away with half the shit you were doing.


I think you’re really good. I just need to see you playing some players with a lot of fundamental play eg footsies because I saw something interesting!!!


Good agressiveness!!!

I do think you got away with abusing focus a bit though… in most of those scenarios, a smart player will cancel into something… for example vs. Akuma and Ryu, I think they did raw sweeps… most good ones will cr. mk > hado and beat Goukens focus.

I think you have a great awareness for his buttons and you have some good block strings / traps (although they can be mashed through).

Overall, I think you have a really good Gouken… I’d definitely like to see how you make adjustments when on Defense or when you aren’t able to get in so easily though… Also your dive kick placements are off vs the shotos’ they should have reversaled you… aim for the top of the head/back of the shoulder.

Good job though.


tanks for nice words, i need good and safe Corner stuffs after ex Palm i use only 3 Options.


Well, here’s the mainstays I use.

[] hp.fb lp.fb sweep
] hp.fb (hk/ex).tatsu
[] hp.fb lp.fb mp (overhead cr.lp xx lp.palm denjin / cr.lk xx lp.palm denjin)
] dj.hp left/right shenanigans
[] hp.fb mp.palm denjin
] u1

#1 isn’t as nice now with DWU
#2 is a round ender, because you end up even’ish and in their face.
#3 is a tricky looking high/low mixup.
#4 is an impossible to see left-right mixup, but at the expense of less pre-mixup damage
and of course you know the ultra standards

of course, there are other shenanigans, like, if you are further out then hp.fb, lp.fb far.hk dashin can be a surprise, but it’s certainly not safe.
hp.fb lp.palm jumpback.hk can put you into zoning distance, which is nicely safe and good damage, but it’s pretty easy to miss the timing on the palm which allows you the followup.


Since DEK09 … DSC SkyAkuma is the #1 Gouken… why aren’t there more videos of him here?


I wouldn’t have posted his stuff because I would have imagined he’d do it himself. I didn’t know he left.


Yeah he’s been gone for a while now… I just ask b/c there’s always been posts about Proud, Bullcat, or whoever was #1 at the time. He’s been #1 for a while now…

But I guess it’s just a sign of how dead this forum is.


Showing Love to the homie.






Here. Divekicked to death. Number 1 or something Makoto on PSN.




lol, fucking brutal


Fights on XBOX 360


i need some good air throw set ups :frowning: ich never us this cool move

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Very good, man. I’ve played st0ufa and he is top-tier with Hakan.


Sub me for more Gouken action :stuck_out_tongue:




It’s the little things that count.


Sometimes the peoples come up to me and they say “Moosh, how I Gouken vs. Sim?”

Well the peoples, Moosh has the answer.