Ultra street fighter 4 video thread




infiltration gouken vs bonchan sagat

I like the u2’s infil pulled off, but I’m not sure I like the overall gameplan…

He ceded the fireball war to try to get dashthru pressure. He kept trying flip parry despite bonchan always making the correct choices.
I don’t feel like he brought any new tech to the matchup to justify the character choice.

what do yall think?


^^^ Poor Spacing. He should have stuck with Akuma. Or just sit full screen with Gouken, his rush down with Gouken sucks.


An intimate look at the cross under ultra.



here is my most recent video expect more in the coming weeks and then a few more i found one of em may be 2012 version






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nice highlights.

My only critisism on the gouken play is that you should probably do less of the corner palm > f.jmp hk. More than half the time you are doing nothing but cornering yourself.


He’s really good, his throw tech is really good too, I wonder who is his main character???


My new uploads.

Safe jump/Land behind

Corner Fake cross-up j.MK part.3

Instant Overhead j.HK






Yeah, not bad…

But having played offline recently, I can tell you that this “awesome stuff” doesn’t work against any top player.

I mean you were pressuring Sakura instead of the other way around. If you have a better game than the player who plays Sakura then fine, but if you’re in an offline tournament then everybody is going to be on your level, and then Gouken won’t be pressuring Sakura as easily as we do online.


@ 1:05- You did a dive kick the safe jumped the DWU. Did you aim just to beat the DWU or did you do the one where it beats standard and DWU. Just curious b/c if you did the timing is a little different than how I use it.



I didn’t know this was a thing.


I figured I’d just leave this here…



Just a few endless games I played with a guy the other day.


(HINT: If you only watch the first and the last, you won’t see the glory of me strong pimp handing his Adon in the face)



iamthatiam my english is horribel, dont understand what you tell me


It’s all good.

I have a few ways that I jump in and attack.

It allows me to beat reversals, and safe jump if they delay wake up.

Just was wondering if you were doing the same.


Greybush here with my 100th episode of Gouken Time!





Don’t do all of those focus attacks, they aren’t a good anti air, also don’t level 3 focus attack on their wake up either. That stuff would get punished offline. All your pressure is just jump in> jab, jab, jab> random focus> repeat, there’s no zoning or neutral even attempted. Do you play offline ever? Not trying to be a dick here either.