Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



I have over 20 doubel perfekts with gouken, my playstyle is effektiv vs very good players. Jump in??? You call Kara Demon jump in? lol
aquamandog can you do better stuff with Gouken? Show us your Gouken. I do only jab? to Pressur? are you a scrub? I use every normal the pressur mit enemy.


That last match was really good, so sick!!!


Dude, you use focus attacks as an anti air a lot, just because you get away with it online doesn’t make it a sick play to put in your highlight reel. None of those players were “very good players”. None of that is impressive, especially since it is just 11 minutes of you jumping around and holding focus randomly. I could put together a video of me winning online only using hp, would you call that impressive? Show me tourney footage and I’d be impressed because none of that would work offline.


if you stun every round hight pp peopel with perfekt or corner pressur with hp , i will say is very good. i Play offline to but not on tournements . i call reads if you absorb a move and punisch with fokus . Kara Demon is not jumping you scrub


Sensei_Hadouken , Amandog is jealous and a troll. This stuff is epic. The Rolento player and the Guile player are very strong, nobody can beat this guys only with jumping thank for upload.




Stunning people online isn’t impressive, neither is using an alt/getting your friend to back you. Regardless, I’m done.


Try it vs the Zangief and Rolento playa on the Video Aquamandog and Show us the result :D.







Regular tatsu now top tier AA?

Update: A buddy of mine in Australia gave me a late Christmas present by making it work in a real match:



Good stuff! LK tatsu I’m guessing?


In this case it’s MK tatsu.


The reason for MK is the longer startup makes it easier to trade properly. LK tatsu will just flat out win most of the time.