Ultra street fighter 4 video thread




Now you have to make it personal? I have not attacked you, just pointed out where you were wrong. I guess people should just let you come in here and fucking babble off some chains and call them frame traps and shit, make xx mean FADC… WTF?! None of this passing judgment about me is true except that, recently, I am playing a lot. I also don’t play ranked very often so your points theory can go shit in a basket. I am very humble about my play and do NOT, ABSOLUTELY do NOT believe I am god-like. I respect every single player in this forum, but they have to earn it. I don’t have a scene near me from what I gather and frankly, I’m not a kid so I’m not looking to go to some 22 year olds house to play games while they’re smoking pot, eating Cheetos and yelling at their Mom to get them some damn meatloaf. And they’re certainly not coming to mine. You came in here babbling BULLSHIT that is UNTRUE and claim you’re going to make the forum better? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? GTFO! If you have a PS3, my gamertag is Grumpa-_-. What a fucking fuckstick you are.

BTW, as I said in my PM to you, I no longer give a shit about your incorrect information. You can go on creating a whole generation of retard Goukens for all I care.


If you look at the inputs, after the second st.mp which was a counter-hit, I intended to cancel into lp fireball and FADC (not xx) into cr.hp xx (not FADC) ex palm. SO…that’s where that focus came from. I made some mistakes.
Read the fucking header on the video. It says, and I’ll write it in English this time: I made some FUCK YOUUUUU!


Now, let’s get back to the videos which this thread is for.

Here’s Shine and some other top players (which I never once claimed to be, to any retard Goukens out there)
I like his footsies but he still gets overpowered.


Double post


lol ok well I see your in your 30’s calling people retarded on a forum must make you feel amazing lul yeah proves my point about you thanks. I’d love to money match you and take your cash, if you wanna spar I did muay thai for a few years as well as boxing. So just be lucky your not running your mouth to my 6’8 face.


IMHO, that gief match could’ve used more st.lk, more cr.lk xx tatsu, and less backing up.


Dude, you proved your own point about yourself. Other people are giving you the benefit of the doubt but you know, I smelled bullshit the first time you answered my question to entik by talking about yourself. If you had fact checked the shit you were posting, none of this conversation would have happened. Go ahead. Read around the Gouken forum. I am very conciliatory and rarely ever start shit with anyone. I just find you a troll posting crap to make exactly this happen. And yeah, I’m old. And yes, calling you a retard made me feel good. Stop writing retarded shit.

Oh and…OMG I’m so sorry man. Please don’t hurt me.


Keep up the good work Rhythmic.




lol I love forum conversations there always so knowledgeable and deep.


They’re*? I want to know why all the hate now?


Really? You?


50? Nah.

**Top 40. **


2 Sakura. Is that high enough rank? I messed up a few times but so did he. You can see some cat and mouse here as well as some bad ideas lol.


Damn right.


All 22 Colors (numbered) of his new outfit :smiley:


Good my friend. Just and all round tip. For focus friendly players, just wait for the last minute to sweep (if they cancel it with dash you hit then) or lk into palm (depending on space to brake it if they hold it). If they focus your fireball you can sweep then or do what ever you want, but for that you need to be tight (like doing mp fireball loop in the corner) and they can’t block it. That’s my two cents to improve your gameplay. Oooohhhhh almost forgot df lk can trade with her cr HP and space lk gf slide to hit her (mostly sakuras does is cr.HP and you’ll hit them, the reason for the spacing is just in case they block it, they won’t punish you that hard)


That double cl.mp on block does it work on all characters? I always thought it pushed u to far to land it again


It depends on character, spacing on the initial hit, and your timing. There’s really no downside to trying to do it as far mp has the same start up.


good to know