Ultra street fighter 4 video thread



On hit you can get2 off , and on those same characters you get 2 on block, generally shotos and skinnies.


More Vids soon


im gonna get a cap card for sure this paychek and put together some uploads after this weekend. i havent played in almost a couple weeks and am still top 20, thats good for me i guess…i will be back in full swing tho and am itchin to put up some stylin and for critique


#35 Vega. Footsies with THE CLAWWWW!!!

#5 Blanka. MOAR SWEEP!



Keep em comin grumpa


Not taking away from your play at all, because it’s not your fault that he sucks, but that Vega physically hurt to watch. What was his plan…? What was he doing? How is he 35th in anything? He used a 5 year old set up that everyone knows about, he was just sliding around just to slide, random EX Barca’s from full screen, wake up ultra twice. He didn’t use any of Vegas 4 frame half-way-across-the-screen normals, didn’t use his mobility and speed to his advantage. Vega has damn near the best overall walk speed in the game…and he chose to randomly slide and EX Barca from full screen…when he could have just walked up to you.

Anyway, well played for beating him pretty badly. He only got that match because of the wake up ultra. But Jesus Christ, there must only be 35 Vega players on whatever platform you’re playing.


I’m on PS3 and I was damn shocked at the wake up ultras also. You noticed the adjustment I made so he could waste the second one. To his credit, I was pretty concentrated on not letting him get where he wanted to be range-wise. Sometimes I’m sure I look random or like I have no plan, but the plan here was to try my best to poke him out. He could have done better.


I paused the Vega vid at 3:02. My man!!!


I second that… Nice manual dive for the U2 bait…!
when I noticed he said he paused it…i knew it was dive kick related


Wasn’t sure where else to put this, but LOL




2vs OG APOC 3rd vega currently



this was due to all the iat talk:

top 15 chun:

top 20 cammy:


endless w top 5 fuerte idk?






Me VS #1 Sakura on PSN. I think I could have played better and could have done without getting flustered close to the end of round 3. Luckily I regained my composure and closed it out in the end.


when posting gotta go online and ake unprivate , as they are non-public by default…hurry up i want some killa kelly action




good match!


Me vs the #1 Makoto on PSN. I was the wall in round 1, but round 2 eh not so much.



Good matches my friend